Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Upcoming Twist: Anokhi dodges Police to reach Chandigarh

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani pics
Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Upcoming Twist: Anokhi dodges Police to reach Chandigarh

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In current track viewers watched how Anokhi tried fight her own family for her career and future. She tried to convince her father who takes all the decisions in the house, but he being big misogynist doesn’t understand a girl’s wishes and think daughters as a burden to the family. On the contrary he loves and respect his son and Son-in-law.

Anokhi even try to show proof against her groom Monty and his family before her family, but fails to make them understand. Anokhi finally runs away from her marriage and reaches Aastha mam’s house with Shaurya’s unintentional help. Anokhi’s father gets insulted at the marriage hall.

In upcoming episode viewers will get to see Anokhi and Shaurya will land in same train. Anokhi’s father’s colleagues will see her running away alone and inform her father about her running in Chandigarh going train. Her father with her brother, brother-in-law, and railway staff plans to catch her on next station. Shaurya being in the same train will see Anokhi trying to jump from the running train. He will try to stop her thinking her to be committing a suicide. Anokhi will spray pepper on Shaurya and jump with her bag. She will hide in washroom of the train.

Anokhi’s father will get angrier hearing that police failed to find Anokhi. Anokhi will feel relief thinking she managed to escape.

In further episodes viewers will get to watch that Anokhi will reach Sabherwal Institute. She will get stopped outside by guard, who will tell her that second-year admissions got over. Anokhi will get disappointed hearing this. On the other side Anokhi’s father, brother and brother-in-law will get angry on her mother and sister Babli. They will also complaint about Aastha mam in college, who will get interrogated by college authorities.

If sources are to be believed in further episodes, viewers will get watch that Anokhi will see Shaurya mistreating guard and think of him being a rich brat. She will question Shaurya’s misbehavior with the aged guard. Both of them will get into an argument, where Anokhi will challenge to teach Shaurya a lesson. Further she will also get shocked to see Shaurya as one of her interviewers and head of Sabherwal Institution.

We earlier reported about the latest promos of the show. The promos shows that Anokhi will face a tough interview.

Well let’s see what happens next. Will Anokhi get admission in Sabherwal Institute or not? Who will help her Shaan or it will be Shaurya again? Will Shaurya take revenge from Anokhi?

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