Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Upcoming Twist: Anokhi’s dreams to Shatter? See Promo

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Pics
Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Upcoming Twist: Anokhi’s dreams to Shatter? See Promo

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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani even being a new show on Star Plus is doing well in catching viewer’s attention. It is its gripping storyline and concept that is keeping viewers hooked to their Television screens daily at 7 PM. The upcoming episodes of the show will witness Anokhi’s increasing struggles to get admission in SIAC.

In the current track viewers are watching Anokhi and Aastha mam’s struggles and challenges they are facing to win against people’s and their own family’s misogynist thinking. The current track is also slow by slow revealing Shaurya, Aastha and Shaan Sabherwal’s painful past to the viewers.

Aastha mam on side is receiving threat notes for helping Anokhi in her runaway. Anokhi too on other side is facing many challenges to get Admission in SIAC. She on side faced people’s and Shaurya’s rudeness. On other side she met good, helpful and caring people like Shaan and a male inspector who helped her. Shaurya is fickle minded and naive person who hates and care so easily for everyone, which is why he helped Anokhi many times, intentionally and unintentionally both. Even after so many challenges Anokhi stand with confidence and stayed strong for her dreams.

In upcoming viewers will get watch that Anokhi will face a very tough interview. Tej and Shaurya will put forward very difficult questions, but to surprise Anokhi will answer all the questions with confidence.

As we informed in our earlier reports, Anokhi will stuck at one question but if sources are to believed she will answer that question too and will shock everyone. As per sources, Shaan will inform Anokhi that she cleared the interview and now SIAC will have to give her admission. Hearing this Anokhi will jump in joy and promise Shaan that she will work hard and will make everyone proud by reaching her goal. Shaan will give her his blessings her by stroking her head. Shaurya will see all this and look confused by Anokhi’s talent, happiness Shaan’s care for her.

Anokhi finally cleared the interview and proved herself. But will all things go so smoothly? The answer to this question is no. As per sources Anokhi will have to wait a lot for the result of her interview. Shaan will give her the good news of her passing the interview. But things will not go so smoothly.

Star Plus recently came up with a new promo from Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani. This Promo shows, Anokhi’s story and struggles to fulfill her career dreams from beginning till present. Further the promo shows college authorities asking Anokhi for her transfer certificate for further admission process. Shaurya comes from behind with attitude, telling Anokhi that admission can’t be processed or taken further without transfer certificate. He then looks at his wristwatch and tell Anokhi that she has time till 11 am in which only two minutes are left. Anokhi is seen worried, and a clock’s tick-tock can be heard in the background. The Promo ends here.

Lead actress Debattama Saha aka Anokhi Bhalla recently in her Instagram story posted a short video of less than five seconds with some caption which indicates at Aastha mam’s arrival in Chandigarh. According to this video, it seems that Aastha mam will go to Chandigarh to give Anokhi her Transfer Certificate. There is another image from her story which indicates Vineet (Anokhi’s sister Babi’s husband) will reach Anokhi’s college:

Anokhi To meet Aastha Mam
Vineet Jiju at Anokhi’s College

Will Aastha Mam’s arrival in Chandigarh with Anokhi’s certificate help her or stop her admission? What will be Shaan and Sabherwals reaction on seeing Aastha in Chandigarh? Will Past pages open? Will Shaan and Aastha reconcile?  Will Shaurya ever be able to reach truth and understand his mother’s innocence? Will Vineet pose any more problem for Anokhi?

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