Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Upcoming Twist: Rama Ji to leave the house, Aastha mam gives it back to Anokhi’s father

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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Upcoming Twist: Rama Ji to leave the house, Aastha mam gives it back to Anokhi’s father

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In last episode viewers watched that Anokhi and Shaurya reached Chandigarh. While Anokhi faced many challenges over there in Chandigarh, Aastha mam in Kapurthala had to face Anokhi’s family. Anokhi got late and Shaan asked guard to inform Anokhi to visit him the next day. Anokhi got worried for her stay in Chandigarh. On the other side Anokhi’s father, brother and Brother-in-law threatened Aastha mam for helping Anokhi in her run away. They will accuse her of human trafficking.

In the coming episodes, viewers will get to watch that Anokhi will see Shaurya outside college entry and will run after his car to make him recognize and help her but he will avoid her. Anokhi will get disappointed. On the other side in Kapurthala, Anokhi’s family’s men will reach Aastha mam’s College. They will complain about her to the principal, but Aastha mam will manage to get Principal’s support and will stand in confidence. She will give them a stern reply, which will anger them and challenge their ego.

Aastha mam will get Anokhi’s calls and messages. Anokhi will tell her all that happened with her in the college campus. Aastha mam will ask her if she took her name anywhere, to which she will reply no. Aastha mam will also tell her what her father, brother and brother-in-law did with her, accused her and also threatened but she managed them. Anokhi will get worried for her teacher. Aastha mam will then call Shaan, but he will not be available. Both Anokhi and her teacher will get disappointed, she will ask Anokhi to sit inside college Lobby and told her that she has also messaged Shaan.

Anokhi will tell her that she is waiting outside college. Shaurya will apologize to his Badi Maa (Devi) for arriving late. He will tell her everything about his talk and argument with Aastha mam. Devi will get tensed and Shaurya will be seen confused. On the other side at Anokhi’s house Anokhi’s brother will accuse Babli di for helping Anokhi. Babli and Anokhi’s father will scold and will go to slap her but Rama Ji (Anokhi, Babli and Raja’s Mother) will stop them. She will tell them that she help Anokhi by opening the lock. She will give them stern replies for the first time and favour Anokhi’s decision. Everybody will get angry at her and she will decide to leave the house. Babli will also walk with her but her husband Vineet will stop her. Rama will leave her hand and turn around. Anokhi will sit on streets outside.

If sources are to believed Anokhi will get Shaan’s support in Chandigarh.

Will Anokhi’s dreams get fulfilled? Where will Rama ji go after leaving the house? Will Aastha mam help Rama ji? What will be Anokhi’s family’s next step?

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