Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani: Will Shaurya be free from clutches?

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When time is not right, you get heat from all the sides. Something similar is happening to the lives of Shaurya and Anokhi. Shaurya and Anokhi who wanted to start a new relationship with each other after coming to Goa.

However, circumstances are really not in the favour of these people and everything got ruined. If that is not enough, now with Shaurya being kidnapped and Bubli being tortured by her husband, things are getting harsh and hard for Anokhi and Shaurya. While fans of the show are waiting to see their longing for each other. It seems the reunion of both the leads are not happening any time soon.

Moreover, the lead actor of the show, Karanvir Sharma also tested positive for COVID-19 hence the audience had to adjust some more days with no Shaurya on screen maybe.

The story of the show so far, Anokhi is stunned to see the state of Babli in the hotel room when she enters through the room of Shaurya. She couldn’t be able to take the sight and directly asked her sister to the marriage immediately and head for a divorce. Babli, who is not very confident about this step, said that it will not be easy for me to go ahead with such a thing since our society doesn’t approve of a divorced woman.

On the other hand, the family members of Shaurya got a call for money in return for him. The family members are in dilemma to decide whether to go to the police or not for filing the complaint box. However, Tej still goes ahead with the police FIR.

In the upcoming episodes, the audience will get to see Shaan will go to give money to the kidnappers to release Shaurya. Shaurya will be seen in a hostage state. Anokhi will have no idea about Shaurya’s kidnapping. Bubli is going to reconsider the thought of divorcing Vineet after recovery.

Will Saberwals be able to free Shaurya? Will Anokhi get to know about his kidnapping? Will Bubli be able to take a call regarding her marriage. To know all these, keep watching the show Monday to Saturday 7 p.m. only on Star Plus.

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