Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani:Shaurya made a plan to know Anokhi’s truth?

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Star Plus, one of the most popular youth love story based shows, “Shaurya And Anokhi Ki Kahani” is all set to go through another roller-coaster ride in the storyline. The fans of Shaurya and Anokhi are going to witness a huge change in the storyline.

As we all know Anokhi was trying to go away from Shaurya because she doesn’t want him to suffer due to her. On the other hand Shaurya was feeling heart broken due to the behaviour of Anokhi and he is just trying to know what could be the reason behind the behaviour of Anokhi? However, Shagun is elated to know that things will fall in place finally for her and she can have Shaurya back in his life.

Tonight the ardent audiences of the show are going to witness Aastha come to meet Anokhi to know why she rejected the love of Shaurya and Anokhi clearly avoided the entire thing.

Shaurya and Anokhi would avoid meeting each other in the college but then Shaurya noticed Anokhi fainting and he would come to save her on time. Not only that he also rescued her from there and dropped her at the house of Ahir. He also made her drink juice forcefully for her own good.

Later Shaurya got a hint from Anokhi’s self-talking that there are some reasons behind Anokhi’s actions from last night and now he will try his best to know about it.

In the upcoming episodes of the show, Shaurya will plan something with his close people to know the reality behind the behaviour of Anokhi. Anokhi will got to know that Shaurya was going to marry Shagun and will also invite her for the same. She will be extremely heartbroken and think she lost her love to Shagun forever.

Will Shaurya ever come to know about the truth? What is his plan regarding marriage? Will Anokhi confess to Shaurya that she loves him and doesn’t want him to go away from her? To know more keep watching this space. Don’t forget to watch Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani only on Star Plus at 7 pm.