Shaurya’s sudden love confession makes fans go crazy….

Star Plus popular show Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani is well known among audience and holds a huge fan base. The show is popular for its unique story line and the intense chemistry between the leads Shaurya and Anokhi played by Karanvir Sharma and Debattama Saha. The show trends on daily basis in social networking sites making it roar high.

The fans of the show are eagerly waiting for Shaurya and Anokhi to confess their love for each other for a long time now. Guess the wait is over, as recently Shaurya has confessed his love for Anokhi in a most passionate way possible. This sudden confession made fans go aww seeing their bomb chemistry and excellent execution.  Though the confession is not something planned or done in a perfect way, it is beautiful and passionate in its own way.

Earlier Anokhi misunderstood Shaurya and Shagun’s relationship and felt betrayed. Shaurya arranged a dinner date to compensate the spoiled date only to get lashed out by Anokhi for cheating her. Shaurya got extremely heartbroken and confesses his love for Anokhi in his fury. His furious yet passionate confession “I Love You Stupid girl* made fans go crazy. The sudden outburst is something which took both Anokhi and the fans to surprise that they can’t stop praising the couple and their chemistry.  Fans took to twitter to share their happiness and were all in praises for the leads Karanvir and Debattama.

Now that the confession is made, fans can’t keep calm and is definitely excited for the most awaited Goa track, which will be a huge treat for the audience. Anokhi followed Shaurya to Goa to confess her love but is it that easy for it to happen? Will Badi Maa and Babli let’s Anokhi and Shaurya be together? Will Shagun’s presence make no difference in their relationship?

All these unanswerable questions will be answered soon in the future. To know what happens next, Keep watching Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani, from Monday to Saturday at 7 p.m., only on Star Plus and anytime anywhere on Disney Plus hot star.

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