Shayra to take a tough decision of her life for Noor: Bahu Begum

Colors TV Bahu Begum will witness high voltage twist and turn with Noor’s demand.

So far in the episodes it is seen firebreak down in the show brought huge turn in the story. Azaan and Noor was supposed to get married on the same day with their partners. Azaan and Shayra ends up marrying each other while Noor’s world got over after her would be husband and mother died.

After the incident broken Noor accuses Shayra for all the mess and later she sees Azaan’s name on her hand with Mehendi and fetches a plan. Noor meets Shayra and ask her to give her Azaan back if she is genuinely sorry for what she has done. Shayra stands stun and ask Noor to think once at least what she is saying.

Noor threatens Shayra and says if she will not give divorce than she will kill herself.

Shayra and Azaan share a quality time. Noor sees them together and goes to attempt suicide. Shayra stops Noor. Noor gets adamant on her decision and ask Shayra to given her Azaan in return. Shayra ask her to give her little time. Noor gives her 2 days’ time to think.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Noor will jump from the terrace.

Noor will jump off from the terrace. Here, Sharya will meet Azaan to tell him about Noor’s unreasonable demands. However, Noor will diffuse the situation by suddenly falling unconscious.

Do Noor is plotting against Shayra to avenge her? Or someone is provoking her to against Shayra. Well, time will only tell. Keep watching the show mon-fir on colors channel at 9:30 PM.

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