Sherdil Shergill 10th November 2022 Written Update: Manmeet gives permission to get Anmol’s DNA Test done

Sherdil Shergill 10th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manmeet telling Mr Yadav about how Raj kept lying to them and does stand up comedy with a nickname of MamaJi Yadav. She says Raj also has problem of indecisive mind and how he fell in love with Nikki first then agreed to marry Anisha and now has proposed Manmeet. She has no one with sane mind thinks of settling down with three different girls in span of just on month. Manmeet goes on saying that she has only official relationship with Mr Yadav and wants the same.

Manmeet tells Raj that she doesn’t love him and both of them are very different but if she explained him anything he wouldn’t understand so she had to do all this. Puneet asks Manmeet to stop but Manmeet says she called them there to clear all the doubts from their minds. Manmeet also gives permission to Mr Yadav for DNA Test and says she wants all this to come to an end. She leaves from the club. At home, Nirali gets angry at Manmeet for calling Raj mad. Bhairav Singh says he is very angry at Raj for the betrayal and tells them not to come in between him and Raj Kumar.

Mr Yadav slaps Raj and says he already his brother because of this comedy and had requested him not to do all this but still he went against him. Mr Yadav pushes him away from the house and tells him he doesn’t want any relationship with him. Raj is stunned to speak anything. Puneet confronts Manmeet to say why she did everything today. Manmeet tries to ignore her but Puneet forces her to say everything.

Manmeet breaks down and says she is just another girl who has feelings and was moved by Raj’s honest confession of love. She says how her phone gallery is full of memories with Raj from Shimla days. Manmeet tells Raj came like a storm in her life but when she saw him making Anisha wear the ring she fell like her world was crumbling down. Manmeet says she has already fallen in love with Raj. Puneet says her why did she do everything then. Manmeet says because of Anmol. She tells if she and Raj gets married and have their own children, Anmol will never get fair treatment. She says she did all this so that Raj will hate her and move on.

Puneet tries to console Manmeet. Raj Kumar thinks of Manmeet’s words and feels heartbroken. Nirali consoles Raj. He confesses about his dream of stand-up comedy to Mr Yadav and hands his passport to him saying he will give up on doing comedy. Mr Yadav hugs Raj and forgives him. He says him to go to room and his breakfast will be sent there. The episode ends with Raj and Mr Yadav saying that they love each other.

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