Sherdil Shergill 11th November 2022 Written Update: Raj Kumar becomes Manmeet’s boss

Sherdil Shergill 11th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj thinking about what happened recently, he recalls Manmeet’s betrayal and her harsh words against his confession. How she called Raj insane and shouts badly. He throws things here and there and breaks everything. Thukrake Mera Pyar plays in background as Raj breaks down badly being hurt with Manmeet’s actions. Manmeet’s words keep ringing in his mind and he destroys his performance mic breaking the mirror with it. He screams again being hurt by the memories as he recalls their moments.

Mr Yadav asks Raj what happened and consoles him that everything will be fine. Raj says Mr Yadav that he wants to ask something from him and requests him not to deny. Mr Yadav tells him to say what he needs. Manmeet tells Puneet that she is going to office and gives her a bag with Anmol’s used diapers and hair for DNA test sample. Puneet tells that she and Ajeet are planning to go to Sirdi and requests to take Anmol along. Puneet says that she will also take Vidya. Manmeet says she has already planned everything. Manmeet gets call from Hussain who asks her to come immediately to office as there is emergency.

Manmeet wishes safe trip to Puneet and leaves for office. At office, Sarda asks Manmeet to go to conference room. Manmeet asks about what is going on. Hussain explains that Mr Yadav owns 51% shared of the company so now he will be overtaking as the boss and Hussain will no more be in charge. Mr Yadav tells that all this is just a formality on papers. He says that they will be incharge of everything as usual but will have to report to the new managing director. Mr Yadav says their new boss will be joining today.

Raj Kumar Yadav enters and is introduced as the new managing director of the company. His secretary tells him Hussain is founder of the company and asks Manmeet her name. She says that he already knows it but Raj makes her say her name twice. He says if she is Shergill or Sherdil. He laughs at her and says he is her new boss. Raj’s secretary asks where his cabin will be. He takes over Manmeet’s cabin and she asks him what’s happening. Raj Kumar asks to remove Manmeet’s stuff from cabin within 5 minutes. Raj says Manmeet to address his as Sir from now onwards.

Hussain tells Manmeet to sit in his cabin but she denies. Later Puneet comes to meet Nirali and gives her Anmol’s sample for DNA test. Puneet keeps something in Mr Yadav’s room. Hussain tries to pacify Manmeet. Mr Yadav tells Gopal that DNA samples are already sent in laboratory. Gopal says that Anisha has decided not to marry. Bhairav Singh tells they are getting test done because of Anisha. However Gopal tells him to forget about the marriage. Mishraji is about to pick up Manmeet’s family frames from table but Raj stops him and tells him to be in his limits.

Raj recalls his moments with Anmol. Raj asks Manmeet to stop as he wants to talk to her but she says everything has changed. Raj says Manmeet that he loved her yesterday and even after everything he still loves her. He gives resignation letter to Manmeet. Raj says that he is new boss and has his own rules. He tells Manmeet that she took away his dreams and now he won’t leave her. Her dream is sky city project and he promises to destroy each and every dreams of her.

Raj tells Manmeet that when he breaks her dream she will be hurt, he will also get hurt as he still loves her. He asks her to sign the resignation letter and go away from everything. On seeing Manmeet cry, he says that he loves tears. Manmeet looks at him intently. He tells that she still has same attitude. He gives example of Chanakya. He reminds Manmeet that he is new boss and she should remember the manners about taking permission to enter and leave his cabin.

Manmeet tells Raj that he cannot make her to give up. She says she has survived in the industry fighting against males. She is gold medalist and was adding zeroes to income of the company when he was failing his exams and took eight years to pass architecture. Manmeet asks him if he wrote all the dialogues himself or asked someone by paying from his father’s money. Mr Yadav asks Nirali why is she upset. She says if he wanted to make Raj MD why he didn’t give him new company and send him back to Shergill Madam

Mr Yadav says he has seen fire in Raj’s eyes and if he didn’t accept Raj’s request he would have become alcohol addict like Devdas. He tells he had taken the decision after proper thinking. At office Raj tells Manmeet to remember the rules in his office and its not fair that she is entering and leaving his office by her own wish. Manmeet tells Raj that she is sorry and if she can leave his office. She picks up the resignation letter and says she will take it with herself or else he will feel bad seeing it.

MishraJi brings lunch for Raj Kumar and says his tiffin came from home. Manmeet tells him to feed Raj with his own hands and leaves from there. Manmeet finds Raj’s secretary at Sarda’s table and asks about her. Secretary tells Manmeet she is new and doesn’t know anything . The episode ends with Raj’s secretary talking to Manmeet and asks who she is.

Precap Raj will question Manmeet for making her cabin in cafeteria.

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