Sherdil Shergill 15th November 2022 Written Update: Manmeet feels difficult to go away from Raj

Sherdil Shergill 15th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj asking Manmeet to say what he wants to hear, to say she loves him. Manmeet recalls how she confessed her love to Puneet. Raj drags her closer and says to tell she loves Raj. Manmeet tells him to shut up but Raj says she cannot go and asks her to apply balm on his back as he has got hurt. Manmeet denies but he says she cannot always go leaving him in pain. Raj keeps teasing her and tells to put balm on back.

Manmeet finally does it and he keeps joking saying he wishes her to do this massage for seven births. Manmeet pinches him due to which he screams. Hussain who is passing by hears it and asks if everything is ok. Manmeet asks him to say yes but Raj says there was a rat. Then Husain asks about Manmeet and Raj lies that she went to swimming pool. Manmeet hits Raj on back and says she is going now. He still keeps teasing her. Manmeet thinks what Raj is doing with her, neither can she ignore him nor move forward. She wishes he stops doing this.

At night everyone is celebrating, Hussain calls Manmeet and asks her to come down but she says she is working on the designs. Raj takes the phone and tells her to stop working and come to party but she denies. Someone knocks at Manmeet’s gate and she says Raj to go away but its the waiter who came to hand over her Raj’s parcel. She sees the letter says that Raj has sent a dress and if she keeps hiding from him, he will believe she loves him but if she doesn’t she should wear the dress and come to party.

Raj eagerly waits for Manmeet to come. He feels completely mesmerized and blown off seeing Manmeet in the dress he had sent. She says him hope its proved to him that she doesn’t love him. Raj says its ok atleast she came here. He says cheesy Shayaris for her and offers her to dance with him. Sharda comes there and says Manmeet there is call from her home. Manmeet says her mumma is calling and goes aside. Raj stands behind her as she finishes her call.

Raj keeps confessing his feelings to Manmeet as he hugs her and while dancing Raj asks Manmeet why she is not saying those three words to him. He gets close to her and they are about to kiss when Manmeet pushes him aside and enters inside a room. Raj follows her inside. Manmeet gets shocked to see the freezer room she entered it and ends up getting locked inside it with Raj. Both Raj and Manmeet tremble with cold but Raj offers his jacket to Manmeet. The episode ends with Raj trying to open the door with rod and Manmeet keeps her hand on his to help him.

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