Sherdil Shergill 16th January 2023 Written Update: Manmeet finds Gunjan’s truth

Sherdil Shergill 16th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gunjan in studyroom stealing the money. Puneet thanks Yadavs for inviting them. Mr Yadav acts sweet to them and calls them family. Murari comes and inform Mr Yadav that Gunjan has fallen in trap. Gunjan gets shocked seeing someone opening the door. Mr Yadav makes excuses and takes Yadav to studyroom. They get shocked to see Raj there instead of Gunjan. Raj says he came to take money as he needs to leave for deal tomorrow. Priyanka asks where Gunjan is. Raj says how will he know that and why would Gunjan be there and if something is going on. She denies.

Manmeet questions Gunjan about what is going on and why was she stealing. Gunjan keeps crying and says her marriage was in danger. Manmeet says Raj took her to studyroom so he also knew about it. Raj comes inside and tells Manmeet that he had been helping Gunjan without informing her. He explains her how Gunjan’s in laws were blackmailing her to get money which they lost due to their contract with Mr Yadav being cancelled. Manmeet is left shocked.

Manmeet calms down and asks Gunjan why she was hiding all this from her and questions Raj Kumar too. He says he wanted to tell her everything but Gunjan stopped him by giving her swear. Manmeet tells Gunjan to stop crying and questions if Roshan knows everything. She says that he knows it but is afraid of his mother. Mr Yadav questions Murari where was Gunjan and how Raj Kumar came in studyroom. He doubts that Murari was drunk and made a mistake. Priyanka says that their plans are useless and now she will take action.

Gunjan asks Manmeet not to do anything. Manmeet says she won’t but now Gunjan will have to do as Manmeet says. They decide not to involve their parents. Manmeet says who had locked Gunjan. Raj Kumar explains how he had seen Gunjan following Murari and understood she will be doing something and they wanted to catch her red handed. Manmeet gets confused. Suddenly they hear noises and find that Priyanka had fainted. Doctor asks her if she is coming next day. Priyanka announces that she is pregnant. Doctor tells that she is two months pregnant. Mr Yadav tells Manmeet that she is very lucky for their house and asks her to take responsibility of Priyanka’s medical checkups.

Manmeet agrees to do it. Raj Kumar leaves from Jharkhand to make land deal and asks Manmeet to take care of herself. Nirali prepares for the puja for Priyanka’s child. Manmeet asks if she can help. Pankhuri tells that she is taking Priyanka to doctor and that’s a lot of help. Nirali tells that Priyanka has changed her doctor so Manmeet should inquire well. Priyanka comes there and asks Manmeet of they should go. The episode ends with Manmeet asking Priyanka if she has been to same doctor’s clinic before.

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