Sherdil Shergill 16th November 2022 Written Update: Raj goes against Manmeet’s decision

Sherdil Shergill 16th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj and Manmeet trying to open the door and Raj says he loves Anmol which makes Manmeet emotional. She starts helping him to open the door but ends up colliding with wall and gets hurt on head. Manmeet starts trembling badly so Raj hugs her to keep her warm. Hussain asks about where Raj and Manmeet are as they are not anywhere. Raj tries to distract Manmeet by teasing her but Manmeet keeps hugging him closer. Raj remembers his memories spent with Manmeet. Manmeet falls unconscious due to extreme cold.

Office members keep searching for Raj and Manmeet. Raj panics as Manmeet doesn’t gain consciousness. He has a whistle in his pocket and starts blowing it loudly. Hussain hears and realizes it same tune as one Raj was using and runs towards it. Raj keeps blowing it and finally Hussain reaches the freezer room to find both Raj and Manmeet fallen unconscious hugging each other. Hussain gets shocked seeing them. Doctor tells that Manmeet is fine and will gain consciousness after resting a bit. Raj sits beside her and caresses her forehead. He holds her hand and falls asleep beside her.

Raj and Manmeet wake up to find themselves lying in each others arms. Raj tells her no need to thank him as boss should take care of employees. Manmeet thanks him. He says her to get ready and they will leave. At home, Mr Yadav asks Raj if everything is going fine and is under control in office. He says investors will be going to office and he has promised them to increase 10 stories in sky city project building. Raj says Manmeet already said it cannot be done.

Mr Yadav instigates Raj and says he is the boss now and he needs to get it done. At office Raj offers Manmeet juice and asks her if her injury is better. Manmeet thanks him and asks if he needs anything. Raj says he need to ask her something. He tells her if 10 stories can be increased in sky city building. She asks if Mr Yadav has told him and denies but Raj keeps insisting. He shouts and asks Misharji to bring all documents related to the project.

Puneet and Ajeet are on way to Sirdi. They take a halt for tea and Ajeet says they shouldn’t have left Manmeet alone but Puneet says she takes better decision when she is alone. Ajeet asks why suddenly she agreed for DNa test. Puneet tells because she understood it can solve many issues but however what she did with Raj was so wrong. At office Raj is adamantly trying to find way to increase the floors. Raj address Manmeet as Jaan and tells all people there to get habituated of it. Manmeet indirectly criticises his lack of knowledge in architecture and says if its done building may collapse and he way get arrested as he is the boss. The episode ends with Misharji provoking Raj against Manmeet.

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