Sherdil Shergill 17th January 2023 Written Update: Manmeet falls for Priyanka’s tricks

Sherdil Shergill 17th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manmeet and Priyanka at clinic. Manmeet asks her if this is same doctor she visited during her first daughter’s birth. Priyanka says that she knows Nirali is worried about her changing the doctor but she has her reason. She says Manmeet they should click picture together and she will send to Raj Kumar as he always doubts her. Doctor Suvarna comes and introduces herself. She says about doing ultrasound for regular follow up. Manmeet says she will take time so by then she will call at office by then.

Priyanka acts overly sweet and says she can go to office and she will return back after getting ultrasound done but Manmeet says she will go to office after taking Priyanka home back. Manmeet sees lots of missed calls from Raj Kumar and talks to him. He flirts with her. Later doctor gives medicines and reports to Manmeet and asks her to take extra care of Priyanka as she has heard from Ankur that she is careless. After they leave Murari is shown hidden there, he pays the ward boy and tells him if he remembers the name correctly. Wardboy agrees to take Manmeet Shergill’s name.

Murari informs Mr Yadav that work is done. After coming back home, Mr Yadav asks Murari if this time he didn’t repeat mistake like he did during Gunjan’s time. Priyanka says not to worry as this time she is involved. They see Manmeet and Mr Yadav starts acting to be on call with his lawyer. He says that he wants to change his will and name everything of his property to Priyanka’s unborn child. Manmeet leaves. Mr Yadav says now Manmeet will do the further work. Nirali sees Manmeet lost and questions her.

Manmeet says about overhearing Mr Yadav’s conversation with lawyer and worries about Deepu and Radhe’s share. Nirali says Priyanka is Mr Yadav’s favorite and if she has son everything will be his. Manmeet goes to light up diyaa. Murari comes to her and says her there are some urgent cheques from office she needs to sign. Manmeet goes to see it meanwhile Priyanka and Murari spill the oil on the floor completely. Manmeet signs the cheque but says one of the names is unknown to her. She is hesitant to sign it but Murari says that its a new vendor who helped them in last moment.

Manmeet signs the cheque anyways. After she leaves Murari takes that cheque from peon. Priyanka tries to slip on the oil but Pankhuri saves her. Priyanka sits for the puja and Manmeet is shown coming towards the oil spilled area. Murari is about to stop her but Mr Yadav says to let it be. No matter who falls its for their advantage as if someone dies accidentally there will be no further investigation. The episode ends with Manmeet talking on call and walking unknowingly towards the oil spilled floor.