Sherdil Shergill 17th November 2022 Written Update: Hussain gets infuriated at Raj Kumar.

Sherdil Shergill 17th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mishraji instigating Raj against Manmeet and using rough language for her. Raj hits on his foot and says Mishraji that Manmeet is still the same madam for him and he needs to remain in his limits. Hussain gets angry at the way Raj has been talking to Manmeet. Manmeet says she is ok with that but if he does anything to sky city project she won’t spare him. Raj brings an Architect and he introduces himself saying he had applied before but they didn’t accept his application. He tells Manmeet he is a fan of hers and thanks her for handing him the sky city project.

Raj tells Manmeet that she had suggested him to bring an architect so he did it. Manmeet and Hussain become speechless. Manmeet talks to her parents and asks them when they are returning back as she house feels too empty especially without Anmol. Ajeet tells her that they will come by tomorrow night and asks if Yadav family are troubling her. She says they cannot do anything. Raj’s servant is giving his massage and says that if Raj is actually going to office.

Raj asks him if he is trying to pull his legs too. But he says that Manmeet looks perfect with him. Raj feels happy and tells him to say him more. He tells way Manmeet had defended him when they came from Shimla he had felt the connection between them but Raj got engaged to Anisha. Raj tells him to leave. Later at office Karan the new architect assures Raj that he can easily make 10 more floors and has presentation ready for the investors.

Raj invites Manmeet in his offices and says she came to office even when she doesn’t have any work and asks her to bring coffee for him. Hussain gets angry and asks Raj to stop his behaviour. Raj says its between him and his Jaan and tells Hussain not to interfere. Manmeet calms him down and says she will bring coffee. Manmeet tells Hussain they cannot afford to lose him as the boss of company because of her. Manmeet takes coffee for Mishraji, Raj and his secretary. Raj tells her to go home soon as she isn’t needed in the meeting.

Mr Yadav comes to office with investors and asks Manmeet if she won’t join. She denies joining it and says she wont separate herself from Sky city project as its always hers. She leaves. Investors meet and say they don’t have much expertise ik architect so they have called Mr Patekar for advise. Murari says Raj he is same officer whom he had bribed earlier. Mr Patekar listens to the plans of increasing the floors and says that he won’t go ahead with the meeting unless he talks to Miss Shergill. The episode ends with Mr Yadav being tensed about the advancement.

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