Sherdil Shergill 18th November 2022 Written Update: Manmeet decides to resign but Raj stops her

Sherdil Shergill 18th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mr Yadav saying Manmeet cannot attend the meeting. He says architects, builders and MD of company is here and Manmeet isn’t needed her. He tells to go ahead with Manmeet. Mr Patekar says then they need to go ahead with meeting without him. Mr Yadav then asks Raj to call Manmeet. Nirali shows her ancestral jewellery to her daughters. Choti asks why is showing it to them and Nirali tells she wants to give it to her daughter in law. Choti says its their right on jewellery but Nirali insists on giving it to her daughter in law.

Choti insistigates Nirali against Manmeet and says what if Anmol’s DNA Test report is postive and he is actually Raj’s son. She says that Mr Yadav trusts Manmeet too much. Nirali gets shocked. Raj stops Manmeet from going home and asks her to join the meeting in conference room. Manmeet gets angry when Raj keeps forcing her and says she will sign the resignation as he always wanted. She comes to Raj’s office and starts finding the resignation letter. Manmeet says she is tired of his tantrums and will end this.

Raj tears the resignation letter and says Manmeet what does she want to come to meeting with him. Manmeet sits on his chair and asks him to say please and repeat it few times. Then she calls Sharda and asks her to type a note saying Raj will never remove Manmeet from Sky city’s main architect post. She asks Raj to sign it and then tells Sharda to send scanned copy to all the main employees. Raj thinks his love is chilli that too green.

Later in conference room, Mr Patekar questions Manmeet directly about the extra floors to which she strictly denies and says building will collapse if its done. Mr Patekar asks Yadav if had had asked her before calling investors. Manmeet says she had already warned him before. Mr Patekar calls them fraud and praises Manmeet’s honesty and tells her never to change. Investors cancel the deal. Mr Yadav asks Raj to follow him and apologize. Bhairon Singh starts hitting Karan asking him if he is really architect and why couldn’t he answer Mr Patekar. Manmeet and Hussain tries to stop Mr Yadav.

Mr Yadav loses his temper and uses very rough language while talking to Hussain and Manmeet. Manmeet says him that she has always respected him. But he starts shouting at her and says she is a woman and should respect male like him. He says that because of her he has suffered loss of crores. Mr Yadav insults Manmeet badly and even says that her father is a mediocre lawyer and they might have never seen so much money in life. Mr Yadav keeps speaking nonsense so Manmeet loses her cool too. She says him that if she wants she can get him arrested.

Manmeet tells him that but she will not do so because they have different upbringing. She calls him illiterate and says tells him to remember that there are ladies at his home too. Manmeet joins her hands and asks him to leave when Raj comes inside. Mr Yadav says Raj that they have suffered a big loss and it cannot be made up with money. Raj goes out with him. Hussain and Sharda gives water to Manmeet and tries to calm her down. Manmeet says she cannot take it anymore. She says not only did he stoop low but also made her lose the control.

Manmeet says she feels guilty of taking so badly to aged man like this. Hussain says that giving up is not the solution. He tells her that he will make up for what happened today and asks Sharda to make sure that nothing from what happened in office should go outside. Manmeet says she can’t forget what happened today so easily. Murari gets angry at Manmeet while Mr Yadav keeps recalling Manmeet’s words. How she talked about his mannerisms and past. Raj comes to office and asks Manmeet what happened but Manmeet leaves without saying anything.

Manmeet reaches home and finds her parents and Anmol. She gets happy and Ajeet says they came back soon to surprise her. Later she workouts in gym as she recalls the incident at office. Raj comes there and requests her to tell him what happened at office. Manmeet says she cannot tell him because she feels he cannot tolerate it. Raj says he can’t lose his father or her and tells her to say what happened. Manmeet says she has lost trust on him as he wasn’t there when she needed him the most. Raj pulls her closer and says he came twice but she pushed him away. He says her again how can he make her believe he always wants to keep her close. Manmeet leaves.

Mr Yadav comes home and starts drinking alcohol. Raj comes there and asks what happened at office. He gives example of Mahabharat how the war happened because one female triggered male ego. He asks Raj to go and sleep. Mr Yadav tells Murari to start his work. Manmeet tries to sleep but cannot as she keeps recalling what happened. Hussain call her and asks to check tv. They show news about top floor of sky city crashing leading to death of three labours. Manmeet gets shaken and says it impossible. The episode ends with police coming to arrest Manmeet and shows that they have warrant too.

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