Sherdil Shergill 1st November 2022 Written Update: Raj imagines Manmeet as his bride

Sherdil Shergill 1st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Puneet recalling Manmeet’s confession video which Nikki had showed and all the moments spent by Raj and Manmeet which she had seen. Ajeet tells her to calm down her horses and there is nothing between Raj and Manmeet.

Puneet tells about how Bhairav Singh might have invited Gunjan’s in laws. In case they come to know about Raj and Manmeet’s fake relationship it might be harmful for Gunjan’s marriage. Ajeet assures Puneet that if everyone knows the truth already its fine even if Gunjan’s family knows about it.

Ajeet tells Puneet he will handle the situation. Manmeet comes and asks him what is he talking about. Puneet says Manmeet that need to go for Raj’s engagement.

Manmeet readily agrees and says them to get ready and she will also get ready and they will leave in twenty minutes. Ajeet says he doesn’t understand Manmeet. Puneet gets excited to go and says she understands everything.

Raj gets a call from Manmeet who asks him about Anisha’s favourite color as she wants to buy gift for her company’s partner’s to be daughter in law. Raj tells that he thought she already knows as they talked a lot that day.

Raj tells Manmeet that he hasn’t asked Anisha’s favourite color yet but he says her to come for engagement as after that everything is going to change. Choti talks to someone and threatens her to make the plan successful.

Nirali questions Choti whom she was talking to. She lies that she was telling Manmeet not to create any problem in Raj’s marriage but Nirali scolds her instead and tells to help in arrangements.

Nirali talks to Raj who tells her about feeling nervous and he also thought to run away from home. Nirali laughs and says its normal to feel all this and tells him to think how nervous Anisha must be.

She tells him to try her method and asks him to close his eyes and imagine his engagement time. Raj imagines Manmeet sitting next to him when Nirali tells him to think of his fiance. Raj snaps out of his imagination and wonders why is he thinking about her.

Anisha and her family reach Raj’s house and Radhe tells everyone to take a picture together but coincidentally when Anisha bends Manmeet is behind her and gets added in the family picture which Radhe was clicking.

Its shown Choti has called Nikki who is disguised as a staff and also Gunjan’s parents to the engagement. Bhairav Singh greets Manmeet and thanks her for coming and he feels a huge burden taken off his heart.

Later he tries to pressurize Hussain about adding 10 stories more to Sky City Building for his in laws. Raj and Anisha greet Manmeet. Anisha asks about who Anmol is. Raj out of habit calls himself as Anmol’s papa which leaves her shocked.

He tries to change the topic and Anisha asks him how he is so comfortable with Anmol. The episode ends with Raj saying he had spent lot of time with Anmol in Shimla which again leaves Anisha in doubt.

The episode starts with Manmeet opening door and finds Raj there. She asks him why was he there. Raj says he was calling her again and again but she kept disconnecting so he had to come. Puneet comes there and greets Raj. She suggests Manmeet to take Raj to bedroom and talk properly. Manmeet says it’s not needed but Raj says its good idea and goes inside. Ajeet scolds Puneet for sending them alone in room. Puneet says once they come out things will change for better.

Ajeet wants to go inside but Puneet stops him. He gets worried about what’s going on and is about to knock when Raj opens the room and leaves. Manmeet follows him and angrily says never to meet her again. Puneet asks what’s going on. Manmeet tells that whatever happened is of no use and from now they should not think about Raj. Puneet asks about Raj’s engagement. Manmeet strictly says that no one from them will be attending the engagement. Bhairav Singh, his men and Raj Kumar comes to meet the goons who had bet Raj.

Bhairav Singh questions the goon why he had beat Raj, he ends up lying that he had thought Raj is rich so he got greedy and attacked him. Bhairav and Murari says how in cctv it looked so different. However he doesn’t say anything else and returns Raj’s purse and watch. Bhairav tells Himmat to break his thigh bone. Raj tries to stop him but Bhairav Singh’s men badly beat up everyone. Raj tells that all his things are returned back and its his engagement tomorrow so he doesn’t want any curses so they should leave them.

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