Sherdil Shergill 21st November 2022 Written Update: Manmeet faces humiliation because of Mr Yadav

Sherdil Shergill 21st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ajeet telling police that mistake must have been of builders and not architect but they insist on taking Manmeet. Manmeet requests lady inspector to let her meet her little son once before leaving. Inspector allows her and says once she gets punished she won’t come out for 10-12 years. Manmeet meets Anmol and tells him she has to go for some work and will be back soon. Puneet gets emotional but Ajeet assures her he won’t let anything happen to Manmeet. Police drags Manmeet to jeep.

Media reporters telecast about Manmeet being arrested. Mr Yadav and Priyanka enjoy watching the news. The reporters blame Manmeet for doing this intentionally and say she should be punished so that poor labours get justice. Manmeet is shocked to see everything. Nirali asks Mr Yadav if he will also face problem because of this but he says only Manmeet will be responsible and tells Nirali not to let Raj know about this at all. Puneet reaches their house and calls out for Raj. Brijesh stops her from entering in inside. Puneet questions Raj why is he still at home.

Puneet tells how police arrested Manmeet and dragged her. She says Manmeet is innocent and is being trapped falsely. Raj gets shocked. Priyanka gives her phone to Raj and tells its being telecasted since 4 am. Raj says its impossible and he doesn’t believe any of these. Puneet cries badly but Mr Yadav lies that he has already explained police but they don’t want to listen them. Raj asks his father why he didn’t tell him yet. Mr Yadav acts nice and says because he is too impatient and this time is too work calmly and handle the situation. Raj says he will go to police station immediately and leaves.

Mr Yadav tells Puneet that may be Manmeet made some mistake but Puneet tells that impossible. He tells her to be confident then. Nirali consoles Puneet and says everything will be ok. Bhairav Singh appreciates Priyanka for doing everything in such a short time and feels very happy seeing Manmeet face all the humiliation. Murari tells Mr Yadav that Raj has left for police station and if he should follow him. Mr Yadav says he will also go to enjoy the situation.

At police station inspector talks rudely to Hussain and Manmeet and don’t listen to any of their questions. Manmeet recalls Mr Yadav’s words and wonders if all this is actually planned by him. Manmeet is being forcibly taken inside jail. Raj comes and tries to stop them. Raj assures Manmeet that he won’t let anything happen to her. Police tells Manmeet has to be taken for inquiry. Ajeet says he is Manmeet’s lawyer but they say Mr Yadav has already hired another lawyer for her. One of the best lawyer comes there but turns out he will fight for the labors right against Manmeet. The episode ends with lady inspector behaving badly with Manmeet and Manmeet questions her on whose instructions has she been doing all this.

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