Sherdil Shergill 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Mr Yadav orders to get Manmeet tortured

Sherdil Shergill 22nd November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ajeet saying that they should talk to Mr Yadav. Raj says that he is doing the same. Hussain says it’s of no use. He tells that Raj may not like it but it seems Mr Yadav is involved in this. Raj gets angry and says if Hussain speaks against his father, it won’t be good for him. Ajeet tells them to stop fighting and think how to get Manmeet out from the jail. The lady inspector slaps Manmeet when she questions her about on whose instruction is she doing everything.

Manmeet falls down on the floor and gets hurt from the pot that breaks. Raj enters forcibly inside and holds Manmeet. Ajeet tells inspector that he will charge her of all the suits and get her uniform removed. Raj shouts to bring first aid and says he is taking Manmeet to hospital immediately. However inspector says thats not permitted. Raj shouts that even her actions are illegal. Raj assures Manmeet that he wont let anything happen to her. Constable says that he will call doctor there and requests Raj not to take her out.

Lady inspector tells Mr Yadav that she cannot do much or else she might lose her uniform as they all are educated. Mr Yadav tells he isn’t satisfied with just Manmeet getting arrested, he wants to see her ego crushes and asks inspector to let other inmates of jail harm Manmeet. Raj talks to Mr Yadav and asks him why he can’t help Manmeet when she is actually innocent. Mr Yadav lies that the material used had some adulteration and it was contractor’s fault but he was assigned by Manmeet so fingers are at her. Nirali questions Mr Yadav if its really difficult for him to help Manmeet.

At jail, two prisoners torture Manmeet and makes her fall unconscious. At home Nirali comes to check on Raj and finds his room empty. At police station Raj asks Ajeet about how Manmeet got hurt. He gets furious and questions inspector about who had bet Manmeet. She lies that it was wife of one of labours who got killed. Raj gets inside Hussain’s car and drives around speedily then he plays music on full volume and intentionally gets arrested. He is kept inside jail next to Manmeet.

Manmeet gets happy seeing him and holds his hand. He assures her that tomorrow they will go outside together. Manmeet gets emotional and tells Raj that she never thought she will start liking his craziness. Raj tells her to get habituated as he will keep increasing this. Manmeet questions Raj why he got himself arrested. He says that now that he is inside Mr Yadav will surely do something to take them outside. Raj jokes with Manmeet and says they should pretend to talk on phone whole night. Ajeet and Hussain appreciate Raj’s efforts for Manmeet. Constable gives Manmeet food that came from her home. The episode ends with Raj and Manmeet having some light moments.

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