Sherdil Shergill 24th November 2022 Written Update: Raj gets injured while saving Manmeet

Sherdil Shergill 24th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manmeet talking to Raj on call, he asks her why she sounds worried. Manmeet tells that people who took are not police and they are in some jungle. She also tells about them having guns and want to kill her. Raj tells her to send him location and hide herself. Raj steals bike from a guy and leaves immediately. Murari tells Mr Yadav that Raj is calling but he denies accepting the call because he don’t want to answer his questions. Again inspector also calls Mr Yadav but he says no need to pick up the call and they will reward her once Raj reaches home.

While Raj is going towards jungle, Manmeet gets caught by goons. Mr Yadav tells Murari to stop the car. He keeps calling Raj but it doesn’t get connected. Raj reaches location where goons had parked police van. One of the goons point gun at Manmeet while other holds her forcefully. Raj reaches there and manages to take Manmeet on bike with him. However the goon attacks Raj with knife injuring him. Manmeet shouts his name.

Murari gets call from goons saying Manmeet has escaped with some guy in bike. He says that guy had got injured with knife, Murari says to kill both guy and Manmeet. Mr Yadav gets call from inspector who informs him about Raj taking bike from infront of police station and Mr Yadav realizes guy with Manmeet is Raj. He beats up Murari for asking to kill the guy. Murari begs for forgiveness and says he didn’t know that is Raj. Raj and Manmeet reach some place and Manmeet helps Raj as he is injured. Ajeet and Hussain reach police station and ask about Manmeet.

Inspector tells Ajeet that what they are doing here as Manmeet is already given bail. Ajeet says how is that possible as court is closed on Saturday. Inspector says that when rich people want they can get anything done. She shows the apology letter written by Raj and says to check jail if he has doubts. Constable informs Ajeet how nothing was done according to protocols. Puneet gets happy knowing Raj and Manmeet got bail. Hussain tells Ajeet that they should go and meet Patekar. They get shocked seeing his office badly scattered and wonder who has done all this.

Gunjan’s in-laws see the news about Manmeet in newspaper and bad mouth her being characterless and fraud too. They ask Gunjan to break off ties with Shergills and give her statement on stamp paper. Manmeet makes Raj lie down and says she needs to pull the knife out. He says its too painful and will bleed a lot. However Manmeet says him to keep looking at her. She pulls the knife out and ties up the bleeding area. The episode ends with Raj falling unconscious in Manmeet’s arms and she gets utterly shocked.

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