Sherdil Shergill 25th November 2022 Written Update: Manmeet finally confesses her love to Raj Kumar

Sherdil Shergill 25th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manmeet trying to make Raj Kumar gain consciousness and requests him to wake up. He mumbles asking for water. Manmeet panics and looks around for water. She makes him drink water and tells him to keep his eyes open. Manmeet tells him she needs to go outside and find a way to take him to doctor. Raj Kumar holds Manmeet’s hands tightly and says its dangerous outside. Manmeet tells she doesn’t care about herself and asks Raj to think of something good and keep his eyes open. Raj tells he gets flashes of negative only and asks her to do something do.

Manmeet cries and tries to go but Raj keeps stopping her. She kisses his forehead and remembers her moments with him. Goons follow Raj and Manmeet’s footprints. Raj requests Manmeet to say what he has been waiting to hear as this may be the last time. Manmeet scolds him for speaking nonsense and ends up confessing her love, she tells Raj that she loves him which makes him smile happily. Manmeet hugs him and Raj eventually falls unconscious again.

Manmeet opens the door to find Bhairav Singh standing there. She gets shocked. Its shown he had heard Manmeet’s confession too. Mr Yadav takes out his gun and fires a bullet but it turns out he had shoot one of the goons who was trying to shoot Raj. Mr Yadav loses his mind seeing Raj’s condition. He asks Murari to take Manmeet to her house. Manmeet denies to go anywhere leaving Raj. Mr Yadav tells Murari to call doctor and arrange Raj’s room with medical facilities at home. Manmeet says they need to take Raj to hospital. Mr Yadav says he will not be safe at hospital.

Manmeet informs Ajeet about the situation. Ajeet tells Puneet that something has happened to Raj and they need to go there. Puneet tells Gunjan has been calling. Puneet says her that she is going out and will talk to her later but Gunjan insists on talking. She badmouths about Manmeet and threatens her parents to break off ties with Manmeet or else she will have to have a suffer a big loss. Gunjan tells she will break her relationship with them. Ajeet says they can explain Gunjan later but now they need to go to Manmeet.

Gunjan’s in laws tells her if she cannot leave her parents she should leave Roshan and go back to her sister’s house. At Raj Kumar’s home, Priyanka stops Manmeet from entering inside. Raj is taken in room and doctor comes and says Raj has been repeating Manmeet’s name so she has to be inside. Priyanka tries to stop but Nirali lets her go. Mr Yadav is outside and Murari asks him to come inside. He says he doesn’t have answer for Nirali’s questions.

Murari tells him to say what he has told him. Mr Yadav says if the case is investigated deeply they will fall in big trouble. Murari says he will give up his life but won’t let anything happen to him. Ajeet and Puneet reach there. Priyanka tries to talk rudely to them. Puneet goes to Nirali and says if Raj was not there, they would have lost Manmeet. Ajeet asks Mr Yadav who might be behind all this. Bhairav Singh says its Gopal who is trying to hit two birds with a stone and trying to harm both Manmeet and Raj because of his daughter’s engagement being called off.

Ajeet doesn’t seem satisfied with Mr Yadav’s accusations but Bhairav Singh insists its Gopal only as he knows his tricks well through the years. In room, Manmeet confesses her love again to Raj and asks him to come back again. She says how she finds him being bossy and calling Jaan and Jaaneman cringe but also loves it. She keeps on saying how he is cute and changed her life in last few months since he came in her life. She says if he was conscious she couldn’t have said all this.

Nurse comes and tells Manmeet that her family wants to talk to her. Puneet tells Manmeet to stay by Raj’s side and they will take care of Anmol. Hussain comes to meet Ajeet and introduces him to the private investigator. He says how the contractor who had taken blame was given money and explosive material to make slab fall down by Murari. Ajeet says but court will need evidence. Hussain says Murari had paid him in sky city so everything got recorded in cctv camera. Investigator gives the pictures of the same to Ajeet.

Raj gains consciousness and finds Manmeet lying on him, he recalls her confession and smiles happily. Manmeet also wakes up and asks Raj if he is fine. Raj starts acting like he doesn’t remember Manmeet but later says about everything that Manmeet had said while he was unconscious. Manmeet scolds him for acting to be unconscious and listening to her. She holds his hands and says he should take rest but she can do whatever she wants. She is about to ask him something but her phone starts ringing. Seeing Ajeet on call, Raj asks her to receive the call first.

Ajeet tells Manmeet to leave from that place asap as its not safe for her. Manmeet asks about what happened. He said how Mr Yadav was behind all the happenings and he doesn’t trust anyone there. He sends her pictures of Murari with contractor. Raj snatches phone from Manmeet and sees it. Ajeet says he doesn’t even trust Raj. Raj feels hurt and Manmeet tells Ajeet she will call him later. Manmeet tells Raj she can never doubt him. The episode ends with Raj saying now he understood why Manmeet was not getting bail and angrily gets up from his bed.

The episode starts with Manmeet talking to Raj on call, he asks her why she sounds worried. Manmeet tells that people who took are not police and they are in some jungle. She also tells about them having guns and want to kill her. Raj tells her to send him location and hide herself. Raj steals bike from a guy and leaves immediately. Murari tells Mr Yadav that Raj is calling but he denies accepting the call because he don’t want to answer his questions. Again inspector also calls Mr Yadav but he says no need to pick up the call and they will reward her once Raj reaches home.

While Raj is going towards jungle, Manmeet gets caught by goons. Mr Yadav tells Murari to stop the car. He keeps calling Raj but it doesn’t get connected. Raj reaches location where goons had parked police van. One of the goons point gun at Manmeet while other holds her forcefully. Raj reaches there and manages to take Manmeet on bike with him. However the goon attacks Raj with knife injuring him. Manmeet shouts his name.

Murari gets call from goons saying Manmeet has escaped with some guy in bike. He says that guy had got injured with knife, Murari says to kill both guy and Manmeet. Mr Yadav gets call from inspector who informs him about Raj taking bike from infront of police station and Mr Yadav realizes guy with Manmeet is Raj. He beats up Murari for asking to kill the guy. Murari begs for forgiveness and says he didn’t know that is Raj. Raj and Manmeet reach some place and Manmeet helps Raj as he is injured. Ajeet and Hussain reach police station and ask about Manmeet.

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