Sherdil Shergill 26th January 2023 Written Update: Manmeet and Raj Kumar fool Mr Yadav

Sherdil Shergill 26th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manmeet teasing Raj Kumar and asking what day is it today. She acts like she doesn’t remember it and then says she wanted to give him surprise for anniversary. Raj says he is planning it and tells her to come home on time. Manmeet finishes her work soon and is about to leave when Hussain stops her. He tells her that she has to attend an important meeting with some clients sent by Mr Yadav. He says they are very important clients and even Raj has met them. Manmeet tells him to postpone the meeting as she needs to go home early.

Hussain tells Manmeet that if they can finalize the deal company will get lots of profit and he can buy it back from Mr Yadav. Manmeet calls Raj and informs him about the urgent meeting. She asks which clients are those as Hussain was saying even Raj met them. Raj tells its a long story and asks her to come home by 8 PM at least. Manmeet meets the clients who tell they were very impressed by Raj Kumar and also have heard a lot about Manmeet so they came immediately to meet her before leaving for abroad.

Manmeet talks to the clients and tells her project ideas. They readily agree to sign the deal and asks to prepare the documents. Manmeet gets worried as she is getting late and Raj Kumar is waiting for her. Hussain gets a call from Raj Kumar. Raj requests Hussain something. Later after finalising the deal when Manmeet is rushing back, she finds Raj Kumar in her cabin with cake and decorations. He says because she couldn’t reach home so he came there. Manmeet says she was worried she will be missing their anniversary.

Raj Kumar thanks Hussain for helping him and keeping it a secret. Hussain tells them that he has turned cctv off and leaves. Raj Kumar and Manmeet cut the cake and have some drink. They spend some romantic moments together. Murari tells Mr Yadav that Mishraji told him about Manmeet being at office till 2 am. Priyanka gets happy and excited that their plan got successful and now Raj Kumar and Manmeet will have dispute because Manmeet didn’t reach home in time. Mr Yadav gets very happy.

Raj tells Manmeet that Mr Yadav had intentionally sent clients so that she gets late after knowing about their one month anniversary. He tells her that no matter if he is at home or not they will try to break them apart. Murari and Mr Yadav come to meet Raj Kumar and Manmeet with flower bouquet. Raj and Manmeet are hugging each other but intentionally shout aloud and make Mr Yadav believe they are arguing. Raj opens the door and greets him. He says he had come to give them bouquet for anniversary. The episode ends with Raj and Manmeet arguing infront of Mr Yadav.

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