Sherdil Shergill 26th September 2022 Written Update: A new tale of Manmeet Shergill begins

Sherdil Shergill 26th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with voice over saying about who Sherdil is. Sherdil is one who wins over all the situation and one such Sherdil is Manmeet Shergill who had left her town and come to Mumbai. In a short time now she has established herself as queen of architect. Puneet tells Gunjan to get ready wearing suit. She says she had opened the door in night suit and doesn’t matter but her mother insists her to change as they are her in laws.

Puneet sees her husband is returning back and tells Gunjan to get ready quickly. Gunjan’s s in laws act friendly and her mother in law asks Gunjan to sit near by and tells mother-in-law can be friends with daughter in law. Puneet asks the reason for sudden arrival. She says that there was a reason and shows a magazine with Manmeet on cover page. She asks if Manmeet is their elder daughter in law. Punit hesitates to answer but then agrees. Gunjan’s mother in law gets excited and says why they didn’t inform earlier that their daughter is a big celebrity.

Gunjan’s mother in law tells Puneet to call Manmeet as she wants to talk to her but she says she must be busy now. She tells its ok and they will meet during marriage. Mr Mehta says that he and Manmeet are having a little issues so she might not come. Puneet calls Manmeet again but she is busy in photoshoot and doesn’t pick up the call. Manmeet is annoyed by the photographer. Sarda brings Anmol for the photoshoot. Manmeet asks Sarda where did she find such weird photographer and she says Raj Kumar Yadav had suggested about him.

Manmeet gets form filled for Anmol and official asks about father’s name. On call, manager tells Manmeet about Raj creating another issue and she his name out loud which makes official misunderstand that he is father. However Manmeet clarifies she is single parent. Later at office she gets informed how Raj who is currently doing internship in her office had given NOC for a land without going their for inspection which was his duty. For the first time their company has received official notice and so many complaints. Manmeet goes to Hussain and asked him to remove Raj from office.

Hussain says they need to bear him for one year as his father is most important financer in their company and also in her dream project of sky city. Manmeet sees missed calls from her mother and gets shocked. She talks to her secretly without letting her father know. Punit informs her about Gunjan’s marriage being fixed and says her father will call her to come. Manmeet gets happy as she hasn’t talked to her father for two years. Hussain and Manmeet go to sky city site to meet Mr Yadav. Mr Yadav asks her to remove all the ad posters. He says all the flats are already booked because of her name.

Mr Yadav offers Gajar Halwa to her and asks about his son Raj. Hussain lies about him being diligent but Manmeet ends up not agreeing. Later Anmol and Manmeet go for a ride and the episode ends with Manmeet coming back home to find Raj there.

Precap Raj and Manmeet have argument as be questions her why she told his father about him not doing any work.