Sherdil Shergill 27th October 2022 Written Update: Raj and Manmeet part ways

Sherdil Shergill 27th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj coming to office for puja. He goes near Manmeet who is doing puja and imagines being romantic. His hand gets burnt with diya flames and he realizes he has been imagining. Mishraji asks Raj why he came to office since his work is already completed. He says he left some of his things there. Manmeet tells he could have informed and Mishraji would have sent it. Mishraji says there is only one pen and some scribbling on the paper. Raj opens his jacket and shows his t shirt which has RKSwayamvar written on it.

Hussain asks if he is joking but Raj says he is seriously getting married and says everyone will get the invitations. Raj tells Mishraji to keep the pen and he will just take the paper. He hears about all the staffs being called to conference room for meeting as after that three days holiday will be given. Raj goes to meeting room and asks Manmeet what’s wrong with her and why has she been so aloof. He tells how they had become friends. Manmeet tells they were just colleagues and she got deviated a little.

Raj holds her hand strongly but everyone starts coming in so Manmeet starts the meeting. After meeting, Raj takes Manmeet somewhere to talk to her. She asks him to tell whatever he wants as she has family dinner. He says the same family of which even he was a part few days back. Raj questions Manmeet why she didn’t try to help to stop his marriage when he told her about it. Raj angrily asks her to answer.. Manmeet says that rather he should answer her if he loves her.

Raj gets shocked and recalls recent happenings. He says Manmeet if she has gone crazy and tells it’s nothing like this. Manmeet says she has noticed how Raj always keeps calling her, and came to puja without invitation, she also says that how he had thought she was avoiding him just because she didn’t talk to him while leaving hospital. Raj confesses his feelings but then says if she wanted to hear this. He tells she always thinks everything is about herself and asks if she is in love with him instead. Raj says they were best buddies and how love came in between.

Manmeet tells him that they both belong to different worlds and she doesn’t want them to come in between each other’s dreams. Raj gets really upset with everything and is about to leave without saying anything but Manmeet stops him. Raj says what does she wants to hear. He says that from now on hope that both of them will go back to own worlds and never meet at any point. Raj comes home and finds match maker waiting there. He tells her to go back. Choti gets happy thinking Raj doesn’t want to get married.

Raj meets Mr Yadav and says him that he doesn’t need to meet multiple girls and is ready to meet anyone they choose for him. Mr Yadav gets very happy and tells to burst crackers. Later, Murari says Bhairav that they have found the goons who had bet Raj. Bhairav says to tackle them later as its happy time now. Puneet questions Manmeet about Raj coming to office and says Sarda had told her about it. She says they talked for long time in conference room and what it was about.

Manmeet tells Puneet that Raj told about him getting married and even doing swayamvar. Puneet gets shocked and asks if she didn’t say him anything. Manmeet tells why does she need to say and tells she is going to sleep. However both Raj and Manmeet cannot stop thinking about their recent conversation. Raj thinks if friendship ends just when work is done. He gets annoyed why he cannot stop thinking about Manmeet even after saying her goodbye. He thinks about changing his status on social media and adds that his time to remain single is over.

Manmeet absentmindedly makes rangoli and keeps thinking about Raj’s confession. Puneet asks Manmeet what’s wrong. She clicks family pictures together and posts them. Raj sees it and says she is updating pictures but not checking his status. Both Raj and Manmeet celebrate Diwali with their families. Bhairav introduces his friend’s daughter Manisha to Raj as his fiance. Raj and Manisha introduce each other and have conversation with each other. Raj tells her she will take her somewhere. Puneet sees Manmeet is feeling irritation in her right eye and says something nice is going to happen.

Raj brings Manisha to Manmeet’s house. Hearing his voice even Ajeet and Puneet come there. He introduces Manmeet as his ex boss and mentor and then the episode ends with Raj tells she is Manisha his would be wife leaving Manmeet shocked.

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