Sherdil Shergill 3rd January 2023 Written Update: Mr Yadav realizes Raj’s mistake

Sherdil Shergill 3rd January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj coming to office and Hussain explains him how clients were disappointed with his presentation. Raj asks if clients didn’t like what he presented. Hussain says they didn’t say anything because he is MD but Manmeet had come and given new ideas urgently which made clients stay back. He also said how Manmeet has asked to not to tell anything to Raj but he is breaking him promise because Raj needs to know what his mistake was. Raj hurriedly leaves to go and meet Manmeet.

Puneet calls Ajeet and tells him about how Gunjan looked worried and she feels it’s because of her mother in law. She asks him to visit Gunjan’s in laws once if possible and clarify their doubts. Raj hurriedly comes back home and asks where Manmeet is. Radhe tells him that he had left phone at home. He says Manmeet had come home, packed her luggage and took Anmol with her. He also says Manmeet had passport in her hand. Raj gets worried. Ajeet comes to meet Gunjan’s in laws but they deviate him from truth and doesn’t let him find anything.

Mr Yadav scolds his family members and asks Pankhuri where she heard about Manmeet going to office. He tells them about knowing half stories and reacting. Mr Yadav says how Hussain informed him Raj had done a blunder and Manmeet saved their company from big loss. He tells Nirali to tone down her activities and stop targeting Manmeet unnecessarily. He even asks them to tell Priyanka to apologize to Manmeet or else he won’t give her share from property. Raj comes there and asks if they had seen Manmeet leaving.

Mr Yadav says he himself wanted to apologize to Manmeet. Nirali says but still Manmeet shouldn’t have lied. Raj says she did it to save Raj from humiliation. He leaves to find Manmeet. Puneet asks Raj to check at airport. Raj gets notification of online transaction from their joint account and finds where Manmeet is. He reaches cafe and feels relieved seeing Manmeet. Raj apologises to Manmeet and says he cannot survive without her and Anmol. Manmeet laughs at him and asks if he thought she is leaving him. Manmeet jokingly calls him a fool. Raj asks where is she going.

Manmeet says she is going to Dubai but will be back by night. She says she left Surti Architects and got offer from dubai company so she is going for meeting. Raj says she planned so much and didn’t even tell him. She says its him who didn’t receive her calls. Raj says if she submitted the resignation letter. She says he had written it and she could finally use it. Raj tears it off and says from now she is owner and MD of Surti Architects and she cannot go to Dubai and leave company. Manmeet denies his offer but Raj convinces her successfully. The episode ends with Raj apologising to Manmeet again.

Precap – Anmol’s birthday celebration and Mr Yadav insulting Nirali at the party.

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