Sherdil Shergill 5th January 2023 Written Update: Raj decides to celebrate Anmol’s birthday

Sherdil Shergill 5th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj bringing Manmeet to meet Puneet. He asks Puneet to see what Manmeet was doing. Puneet asks Manmeet where did she leave for. Raj jokes that Manmeet was going off to dubai leaving him. She says if she would have informed in advance both of them would have done something to stop her. Raj jokes about being hungry and asks Puneet to cook for him. Puneet reminds Manmeet if she remembers tomorrow is Anmol’s birthday. Manmeet tells she obviously remembers it and is happy Puneet also remembered it.

Puneet asked if Anmol’s birthday party will be at Raj’s house but Manmeet is hesitant and says they haven’t actually accepted Manmeet and Anmol till now. Raj overhears their conversation as Manmeet tells Puneet they will just do small celebration together in evening for Anmol. After Manmeet leaves, Raj tells Puneet that now he knows about Anmol’s birthday so he will celebrate at his home in his way. Puneet tells Manmeet won’t agree. Raj asks her to keep it secret for now as he has already got a plan.

Raj Kumar and Manmeet return back to his house, Mr Yadav and Nirali apologise to her and requests her not to leave Raj for their mistakes. Manmeet tells she was just going for a meeting. Raj also says he wants to handover office back to Manmeet. Manmeet goes inside with Anmol. Raj tells Mr Yadav and Nirali that he wants to make Manmeet feel happy and accepted. He says its Anmol’s birthday tomorrow and he wants to celebrate it. Mr Yadav agrees and says they will give big party but Raj says he only wants them to stay near Anmol and bless him.

Manmeet wishes Anmol for his birthday and says how her life changed one year ago when she met him. She feels upset that Raj is still sleeping and doesn’t remember Anmol’s birthday. Once she gets up, Raj wishes Anmol and calls Puneet to do her work. Puneet calls Manmeet and asks her to come so that they can spend whole day together. Nirali questions Manmeet where she is going early morning. She tells Puneet has some work. Once she leaves Bhairav Singh asks Raj why is he asking them to act like they don’t remember and if he wants to prepare for party or not. Raj tells him to relax and he will manage it.

Puneet makes excuses and brings Manmeet to Raj’s house. Manmeet gets confused seeing darkness inside. She calls out for Brijesh but gets happily surprised seeing everyone wishing Anmol happy birthday and wearing animal masks. She thanks Raj for the surprise. Everyone is dancing happily when mistakenly Mr Yadav gets pushed by Nirali and falls on the floor. Puneet starts laughing. Nirali apologizes for her mistake. The episode ends with Mr Yadav getting angry at Nirali and splashing water on Nirali’s face leaving everyone shocked.

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