Sherdil Shergill 9th January 2023 Written Update: Manmeet and Nirali’s close bond

Sherdil Shergill 9th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manmeet explaining Mr Yadav that since he had said yesterday that works done by Nirali can also done by servants so she said Nirali to take day off and so she is also accompanying her. Bhairav Singh says Murari to take car out and leaves. Nirali panics and tells Manmeet she should stop all this and she will go and apologize to Mr Yadav. Manmeet tells Nirali that she knows she hasn’t been able to accept her as her daughter in law.

Manmeet says how Nirali is just like her mother and just like she can never see her mother being disrespected same goes for Nirali. Manmeet makes Nirali she needs to take a stand for herself. Manmeet also says she will anyhow get apology from Mr Yadav and won’t let Nirali bend too. Nirali agress to do as Manmeet says. Manmeet tells them they will go out to eat sushi for lunch and asks them to get skincare done till she gets ready. Murari gives tiffin from hotel to Mr Yadav and says lunch didn’t come from home. Mr Yadav says him to call Pankhuri and make her understand. Murari tells all this won’t stop unless he apologizes which Mr Yadav strictly denies.

Manmeet and Nirali get ready and wear their sunglasses in style. Manmeet tells Nirali they will go out to eat and watch movies and she has invited Puneet too. Pankhuri comes and says Murari called and threatened that Mr Yadav will make them leave the house if things are not back to normal by night. Nirali says she should says sorry because Mr Yadav will do what he said as it has happened before too. Manmeet is shocked and says she won’t let this happen in her presence.

Brijesh said Nirali that there is only tinde at home. Manmeet tells him to cook whatever he wants as they are going out. Mr Yadav returns back home and asks Brijesh about everyone. Manmeet, Pankhuri and Nirali come in laughing. Raj observes everything from aside. Manmeet reminds Murari that he cannot threaten Pankhuri to leave the house. She tells him about laws which protect women and also Pankhuri being daughter of the house has full rights to stay here but not him. Raj smiles happily and proudly hearing Manmeet’s words.

Manmeet asks Brijesh to serve them tinde and then they can eat ice cream which they bought. Nirali and Pankhuri gets worried about going to their own rooms and insist Manmeet to let them say sorry but Manmeet says it’s Mr Yadav who has to apologize to her. She tells them a plan to escape the situation. Murari comes to his room and finds Nirali there with Pankhuri. They tell him to go and sleep in Mr Yadav’s room instead as they will be watching webseries. Mr Yadav doesn’t let Murari in. The episode ends with Raj telling Manmeet whatever she is doing is right and he is really proud of her.

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