Sherdil Shergill 9th November 2022 Written Update: Raj Kumar confesses his feelings to Manmeet again

Sherdil Shergill 9th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manmeet removing the curtains of her room and Raj says to let him sleep. She says Raj Kumar its boss, ex boss. Raj says how did he come there and why he isn’t wearing shirt. Manmeet says if she didn’t bring him home he would have been sleeping on stage of Kukku’s club. Raj questions why did she go to Kukku’s club. Manmeet tells that she went there because she wanted to apologize to him. She felt embarrassed after Manmeet and Vidya told her the truth.

Raj Kumar says Manmeet if she only wanted to apologize to him. He says again that he remembers everything he told her last night. Manmeet tells him to go back home. Puneet is overhearing their conversation. Raj Kumar looks at Manmeet’s eyes and says he has gone crazy for her and loves her a lot. Manmeet says him again to go back home. But Raj insists her to give him answer first. Puneet wakes Ajeet and tells him Raj is proposing Manmeet, both of them overhear their conversation. Raj again confesses his feelings and tells Manmeet last three months were best part of his life.

Raj Kumar says Manmeet that only she can complete him. She reminds him that he marrying Anisha. Raj says it was his mistake, he had thought if he tells about marriage, she will stop him. He tells her to accept his confession and he promises him to make her the happiest. Raj even proposes Manmeet for marriage. Manmeet tells she needs time. He says her to answer in four hours as he won’t leave her until she answers. He hugs her and then leaves. When he opens the door he meets Puneet and Ajeet.

Puneet happily hugs him. Puneet questions Manmeet why she didn’t say yes. She says she needs time. Nirali questions Mr Yadav why he was called at police station. He says there was a misunderstanding and they don’t need Anmol but just his clothes are enough for getting DNA test done. He says where Raj is. Manmeet thinks about Raj’s confession and calls him to meet her in Kukku’s club if he want to know her answer. Raj gets ready and comes to club. At club he says that today light’s are off because he only wants to look at one who lights his life, Manmeet.

Raj again confesses and Manmeet says she also loves him and is crazy for him. She asks if he wanted to hear this. Light gets switched on and Raj gets shocked to see his family sitting there. Manmeet brutally breaks Raj’s heart saying she doesn’t love him or want to him marry him. She tells that Raj is sick and needs treatment. The episode ends with Manmeet calling Raj as compulsive liar who has been lying to them and comes twice every week to that place for doing stand up comedy.

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