Sherdil Shergill: Will Gunjan become cause of misunderstanding between Raj Kumar and Manmeet?

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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill is recently showing how Manmeet was making a place in Nirali and Pankhuri’s heart but soon we will see Mr Yadav and Priyanka will play their dirty games against Manmeet. How will she win their hearts ?

In the previous episode, Raj Kumar said sorry on call to Priyanka and warned her not to do anything against Manmeet and Anmol like she did previously. Mr Yadav talked to Nirali and said just in one day she saved 6 lakhs, Nirali laughed happily thinking he is complementing her. But then Mr Yadav taunted Nirali for forgetting their values and traditions.

Nirali understood his plan and asked if he fell sick just to teach her a lesson. Next morning, Manmeet told Nirali that she will help her with breakfast so that they can go to office in time. Nirali denied going to office and said she was happy to take care of house responsibilities and cannot do both things together.

Gunjan met Raj Kumar and begged him to help her. He tried to make her understand that its wrong to get blackmailed like this. Murari overheard everything and passed the information to Mr Yadav who thinks to use this as a bait to create misunderstanding between Raj Kumar and Manmeet. In the upcoming episodes we will see Priyanka coming back to Yadav house and planning against Manmeet.

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