Sherdil Shergill: Will Manmeet be able to help Gunjan?

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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill focusing on Manmeet & Raj Kumar two different personalities who fell in love and got married, right now she is showing how Manmeet is trying to win heart of Raj’s family members but keeps facing troubles.

In the previous episode Manmeet asked Raj Kumar why he didn’t tell her about Gunjan. Raj Kumar lied to her that she had come to Manmeet but as she wasn’t there so she left.

Nirali told Puneet that last few days were chaotic but Manmeet handled everything well so they are arranging a small surprise party and invited them. Puneet agreed to come. Manmeet and Raj Kumar return from office and got surprised seeing Manmeet’s family there. Priyanka again apologised to Manmeet and asked to start afresh. Manmeet hugs her.

Later everyone sits together to play cards. Murari got a call and Mr Yadav tells him that there are 4 crore rupees kept in study room, from there he should bring 2 crore. Gunjan thought she has to do something as Raj Kumar hasn’t been able to help her. She followed Murari to storeroom.

Once Murari left from there, she takes rest of the money but then panicked seeing the door locked. In the upcoming episodes we will see someone which reach study room and catch Gunjan red handed. Will this have impact on Raj and Manmeet’s relationship?

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