Sherdil Shergill: Will Nirali be able to understand Raj’s intentions?

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Colors TV entertaining show Sherdil Shergill is all set to show us a new side of Raj Kumar, who has vowed to become a househusband while Manmeet is working. Will Raj get successful in his mission?


In the previous episode Raj Kumar does live on social media and introduced himself as house husband. He said about his identity as Mamaji Yadav and said now he will come live everyday and discuss a topic. Mr Yadav also watched the live and got angry. Raj Kumar was going live from kitchen and Ajeet came there Ajeet hugged & encouraged Raj Kumar.

Priyanka tried to manipulate Bhairav Singh emotionally against Manmeet. Raj Kumar woke up and Manmeet told him to change Anmol’s diaper. Puneet was still hesitant to let Raj Kumar do the chores. Brijesh told Nirali that he went to office to give tiffin and kheer she made but Raj wasn’t at office. Nirali wondered if Raj Kumar has fallen sick.

Raj Kumar learnt to make kachoris from Puneet. Later Raj was coming with groceries and accidentally dropped eggs on the floor. He started wiping the floor and Nirali came at that time. She got shocked to see Raj Kumar working.

Later Puneet tried to clarify Nirali about the situation. Raj Kumar offered her kachoris and asks her to rate it. He said he has made them leaving Nirali again shocked.

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