Sherdil Shergill: Will Raj Kumar be able to go to Manmeet’s house for pagphere ritual?

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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill which focuses on the Protagonists Raj Kumar and Manmeet’s different personalities to them getting married. With Raj’s family being stubborn not to accept Manmeet and Anmol as their family, will Raj be able to save his marriage?

In the previous episode Nirali lied about what happened during the rasam. She said everyone started bombarding questions about Anmol and she tried to answer but was puzzled. Manmeet came and asked what did she try. Manmeet kept saying she didn’t do anything but Nirali started acting weak so Raj didn’t listen to Manmeet and asked her to leave the room.

Raj came to room and asked Manmeet if Anmol and she ate or not. Manmeet told Raj she didn’t like the way he talked to her and was about to say everything but Pankhuri came in. She informed Raj that Nirali wasn’t eating food and not listening to anyone. Raj felt helpless and left without talking to Manmeet.

Gunjan told Raj about pagphere ritual and even Puneet requested him to come. Mr Yadav came and told Raj Kumar to go to hospital with Nirali as she is feeling breathless. Mr Yadav said he will ask Deepu to drop Manmeet to her home and he can go later. In the upcoming episodes we will see Manmeet will tell Raj she is going to her home with Anmol. What will Raj Kumar do?

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