Sherdil Shergill: Will Raj save Manmeet from the goons?

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Colors TV show Sherdil Shergill is getting interesting with each episode as Raj and Manmeet are coming closer. While Manmeet opens her heart for Raj, she gets kidnapped, will Raj be able to rescue her?

In The previous episode Raj fed each other with hands through the prison bars. Mr Yadav asked Murari to make sure that news about Raj Kumar being arrested should not leak outside and let him say inside along with Manmeet.

Mr Yadav acted all nice infront of media and said he still trusts Manmeet’s honesty but it was also true that slab fell and three labours died so he won’t use power and money but follow laws. Reporter asked him that Raj was also locked there so if he also is having same charges. Patekar said Murari that he already knows that slab didn’t fall by itself but was made to fall and will send the information to necessary department.

Raj asked Manmeet to say i love you but she hugged him instead which made him feel happy. Manmeet got kidnapped by the goons who were pretending to be police. They made her get down in a jungle however Manmeet started to fight back. Manmeet got phone from one of them and calls Raj for help. She informed him about goons who are trying to kill her. Will Raj reach in time?

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