Shiv Shakti Tap Tyaag Tandav 11th November 2023 Written Update: Diti taunts Shiv’s choice

Shiv Shakti 11th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shiv keeps the saree in the plate. Goddess Lakshmi tells Shiv that they should send something else for Parvati. But Shiv refuses to listen her. Goddess Lakshmi tells Narayan that it’s not good to send this simple saree for Parvati. She says that Parvati may understand but others won’t understand. Goddess Saraswati asks Goddess Lakshmi to calm down. She says that Shiv don’t have knowledge about all this. Goddess Lakshmi asks Narayan to do something.


In the asur lok, Tarakasur tells his men to get ready to attend Shiv and Parvati’s marriage to execute the plan.

Shiv gives the saree to Goddess Lakshmi and tells her to take the saree to Himavan’s place. He tells her to wait in Himavan’s place until Parvati accepts this saree. Goddess Lakshmi nods at him and leaves from there. Narayan thinks that Goddess Lakshmi is going to become part of important lesson which Shiv is going to teach to the universe.

Parvati’s friend tells Parvati that Himavan and Mainavati sent expensive outfits for Parvati. Another friend says that Parvati is waiting for the priceless outfit from Shiv. Everyone waits to see the priceless outfit of the universe. Goddess Lakshmi comes there. Parvati asks Goddess Lakshmi that what outfit Shiv choosed for her. She says that she want to know about it before seeing it. Himavan and Mainavati comes there. Himavan says that Shiv would not have choosed a normal outfit for Parvati. Mainavati says that she also want to see the outfit. She asks Goddess Lakshmi to show the outfit.

Goddess Lakshmi gives the saree to Mainavati. Parvati gets silent after seeing the saree. Everyone sees the saree. They gets disappointed and taunts. Parvati’s friend tells Parvati that even servant won’t wear this saree. Parvati says that Shiv choosed this saree for her so it must be priceless. Parvati friend says that this saree is torned. She asks that how can Shiv send this saree for Parvati. Goddess Lakshmi apologizes to Parvati in her mind.

Everyone says that Shiv should not have done this. Mainavati asks them to stop it and leave from there. Diti comes there and tells Mainavati that Shiv made fun of them by sending this saree. Goddess Lakshmi asks Diti that what the latter is doing there. Diti tells her that Shiv invited asurs also to the marriage.

She says that she is feeling bad to see Parvati. She tells Parvati that the latter first time asked something from Shiv and he did this. She asks Goddess Lakshmi that how can the latter bring this saree for Parvati. She says that Kailash people think Himavan is worth this torned saree that’s why they did not stop Shiv. Mainavati tells Goddess Lakshmi to take the saree back. She says that Shiv disappointed them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Parvati wears the saree which Shiv sent for her.

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