Shiv Shakti Tap Tyaag Tandav 12th November 2023 Written Update: Parvati understands Shiv’s intention

Shiv Shakti 12th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mainavati tells Goddess Lakshmi to take the saree and tell Shiv that he disappointed them. She says that Parvati won’t wear this saree and she will arrange marriage outfit for Parvati. Goddess Lakshmi recalls that how Shiv told her to stay there until Parvati accepts the saree. She tells Mainavati that Shiv ordered her to stay with saree. Parvati wonders what is Shiv’s intention. Diti says that everyone is excited for the marriage and everyone trying hard to make it memorable one but Shiv ruined everything by sending this saree. She says that Shiv should have respected Himavan atleast.


On the other hand, that old lady wonders where her saree went. She asks other ladies that if they saw her saree. She asks if anyone know where is her saree. Shiv comes there in human avatar and he tells her that he know. She asks him that if he took her saree. He informs her that her saree is in Himavan’s palace. She gets angry hearing him. She asks that how can anyone take her saree.

Parvati says that she don’t know Shiv’s intention but he did not fulfill her first wish. Mainavati tells Parvati that the latter can’t wear this saree because it’s about their self respect. Himavan tells Parvati that Mainavati is right. Parvati’s friend tells Parvati that the latter has many beautiful outfits so she should wear one from those outfits. Everyone tells Parvati to not wear this saree. Diti tells Parvati that the latter should respect everyone’s decision. Parvati says that she won’t wear this saree. She adds that she can’t disrespect Shiv’s gift so she will keep this saree near shivling.

That old lady comes there and asks them to return her saree to her. Diti asks that old lady that if this is her saree. Old lady tells her that she kept this saree in the temple. Goddess Lakshmi tells old lady to take money instead of this saree. Old lady tells her that she has only love for Shiv and she don’t want money. She says that they can’t buy this saree with money. Goddess Lakshmi tells her that this saree is torned. She asks her to accept gold instead of this saree. Old lady asks her to give gold equal to her saree’s weight.

Goddess Lakshmi fails to give gold equal to saree’s weight. Everyone gets shocked seeing this. Goddess Lakshmi says that old lady is using magic for sure. Narayan comes there and tells Goddess Lakshmi that this is not magic, but love. He says that everyone failed to see the sincerity and love of that old lady. He tells Parvati that Shiv stitched one part of this saree. He asks her that if she can get any priceless saree than this saree.

Parvati understands Shiv’s intention. She apologizes to old lady for failing to see her devotion. She says that Shiv respected her feelings that’s why he sent this saree for her. She requests old lady to give that saree to her. Old lady smiles.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Narayan tells about Shivaratri.

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