Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 10th June Written Update: Uma nandan challenges Lord Shiv for battle

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 10th June Written Update on

Episode begins with Lord Shiv tells Mata Parvati that lets revive their son. Mata Parvati nods at him. Lord Shiv calls Brahmadev. Brahmadev uses his power on elephant head and the head glows. Then Lord Shiv uses his power on Uma nandan’s body, so Uma nandan’s body stands up. Then he fixes the head of elephant on Uma nandan’s body. Uma nandan opens his eyes ( Bappa morya song plays in the background ). Mata Parvati and others smiles seeing this. Everyone throws flowers on Uma nandan. Narad says that Uma nandan is looking more beautiful with elephant head.

Uma nandan hears this and he realises that he has different head now. He asks Mata Parvati that what happened to his head. And he asks her to say why he has elephant head now. Mata Parvati gets worried hearing this. She goes to him and hugs him. She tells him that this is the only way to revive him. He asks her that why he got punishment when Lord Shiv did wrong. He says that he will fight against Lord Shiv to punish Lord Shiv. He takes a stick. Everyone gets shocked seeing this.

Mata Parvati tells Uma nandan that he can’t do that. Lord Shiv smiles at Uma nandan. Uma nandan asks Lord Shiv to fight against him. Mata Parvati tells Uma nandan that Lord Shiv is the latter’s father, not enemy. Uma nandan gets surprised hearing this. She tells him that Lord Shiv did not know the truth. She says that now everyone know Uma nandan is Shiv Shakti’s son. Uma nandan looks at Lord Shiv. He asks Mata Parvati that what will be his new name. Mata Parvati tells him that he has elephant head so he will called as Kajmuk too. Everyone smiles hearing this.

Uma nandan goes to Lord Shiv and holds the latter’s hand. Lord Shiv hugs Uma nandan. He asks his son to ask whatever the latter want to ask. He says that he will answer all of the questions of his son because that’s his responsibility as father. Kajmuk wipes Lord Shiv’s tears. He says that he want blessings from his father not answers. Lord Shiv blesses his son. Mata Parvati gets happy seeing this.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Lord Narayan asks Lord Shiv that why elephant head has been fixed to Uma nandan. Lord Shiv says that Uma nandan will be special. He adds that his son defeated Kailash people so his son will be called as Shri Ganesh by universe. Everyone smiles hearing this.

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