Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 11th June Written Update: Uma nandan becomes Shri Ganesh

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 11th June Written Update on

Episode begins with Lord Shiv tells Uma nandan that he will clear the latter’s doubts and that’s his responsibility as father. Uma nandan takes Lord Shiv’s blessing. He says that respecting father is son duty and questioning parent is foolish act. He adds that he is not fool. He apologizes to Lord Shiv for not recognizing the latter. Lord Shiv says that father responsibility is showing right path to son and Uma nandan’s old head was filled with arrogance that’s why he cut it. He adds that they should fill the universe with positivity, not negativity. He tells Uma nandan that the latter is most pure in this universe now. Everyone chants har har mahadev. Then they chants Kajmuk ki jai.

Lord Narayan tells Lord Shiv that the latter don’t do anything without any reason so why Uma nandan got an elephant head. Lord Shiv says that elephant is the most intelligent creature in the universe and Uma nandan is also an intelligent person. And says that elephant is really powerful and Uma nandan is also powerful. He tells Lord Narayan that Uma nandan and elephant’s qualities are similar that’s why Uma nandan got elephant head. He lists out Uma nandan’s qualities ( Bappa morya song plays in the background ). Devas and Goddesses smiles hearing all this.

Lord Shiv says that Uma nandan will be successful in everything which he does and no one can match Uma nandan’s level. Mata Parvati gets happy hearing this. Lord Shiv says that Uma nandan will be favorite God. He adds that Uma nandan defeated Kailash people and Uma nandan did not kill anyone even though he was arrogant, so Uma nandan will be called as Shri Ganesh. Nandi and others smiles hearing this. They chants Jai Shri Ganesh ( Bappa morya song plays in the background ).

Ganesh tells thanks to Lord Shiv for giving such a good name. Mata Parvati calls him as Ganesh. He asks her to call him like that again. She calls him again and again. She tells him that truth means Shiv so the latter should learn everything from his father. Kartikeya tauntingly tells Ganesh that the latter’s questions won’t affect Lord Shiv. Mata Parvati and Lord Shiv gets shocked hearing this.

Lord Shiv tells Ganesh to ask if the latter has any doubt then. He says that he will answer all the questions of Ganesh. Mata Parvati tells Ganesh to ask whatever he wants to ask. She says that they should go home with happiness, not doubt. Ganesh hugs Lord Shiv. Mata Parvati smiles hearing this. Lord Shiv also hugs Ganesh and smiles. Ganesh says that he don’t have any doubt and he trust whatever happened was right so he won’t question. Lord Shiv and Mata Parvati smiles hearing this.

Episode ends.

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