Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 12th June Written Update: Diti and Shukracharya learns Mahishaasur whereabouts

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 12th June Written Update on

Episode begins with Lord Narayan says that Shiv Shakti and their children Kartikeya, Ganesh and Ashok sundari will be great family. Lord Shiv hears that someone is praying for him. Mata Parvati tells Lord Shiv that they should go to Kailash. Lord Shiv tells Mata Parvati that duty is calling him. Kartikeya says that Lord Shiv chooses duty over family always. Lord Shiv leaves from there. Ashok sundari introduces Kartikeya to Ganesh. Ganesh greets Kartikeya. Kartikeya hugs Ganesh. Ganesh says that he is hungry. He asks Kartikeya that whether the latter did not bring anything for him.

Kartikeya says that he brought fruits for Ganesh but he dropped the fruits bowl in shock. Mata Parvati tells her children that she will arrange fruits. Nandi tells her that he will bring fruits. Ganesh says that he will find the fruits Kartikeya for him and he will eat those fruits. He adds that he need strength to reach Kailash. Devas and Goddesses leaves from there. Nandi tells Mata Parvati that he will decorate the Kailash to welcome Ganesh. Mata Parvati nods at him.

Ganesh starts finding the fruits which Kartikeya brought for him. He asks Kartikeya and Ashok sundari to help him. Kartikeya and Ashok sundari also starts finding fruits. Mata Parvati smiles seeing this. She wonders where Lord Shiv went.

Meanwhile, Lord Shiv goes to Diti and Shukracharya who are doing tap for him. He asks them that what boon they want. Diti tells him that she and Shukracharya just want to know Mahishaasur whereabouts. Lord Shiv tells them that so much happened still they want to play the dangerous game. Shukracharya recalls that how Lord Shiv told him to do his duty. He reminds Lord Shiv that the latter told him to do his duty.

Mata Parvati comes there and asks Lord Shiv to not tell Mahishaasur whereabouts to Diti and Shukracharya for universe sake. She says that Mahishaasur can lead a peaceful life without Diti and Shukracharya influence. Lord Shiv tells Mata Parvati that Diti and Shukracharya did tap so he has to give boon to them. She asks him to give any other boon to them.

Diti says that she will ask something else. She tells Lord Shiv that she want Kartikeya and Ganesh to come with her to Asur lok. Mata Parvati warns Diti to keep quiet. Diti asks Lord Shiv to choose what boon he will give. Mata Parvati tells Mahishaasur whereabouts to Diti.

Ganesh eats the fruits which Kartikeya brought for him. Kartikeya and Ashok sundari smiles seeing this. Mata Parvati recalls Diti’s second boon. Lord Shiv comes there. She asks him that why everyone tries to use their children. He tells her that their children gets love and respect too for being their children. They goes to their children. Diti tells Asurs that she found Mahishaasur whereabouts. She vows to destroy Mata Parvati’s family.

Episode ends.

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