Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 15th February 2024 Written Update: Will Tulsi revoke her curse?

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 15th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kartikeya tries to arrange the thread which Shiv gave him. He wonders why Shiv gave this task to him. Narad says that there must be some reason that’s why Shiv gave this task to Kartikeya. On the other hand, Shiv tells Parvati that if he stopped Tulsi earlier then that would have been wrong with Tulsi. He says that now Tulsi has to revoke her curse. Parvati asks him that why Tulsi will revoke her curse. He tells her that Tulsi will forgive Narayan. He says that they should go to Tulsi. She nods at him. They leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Goddess Saraswati asks Goddess Lakshmi to not cry. Narad tells Goddess Lakshmi that Shiv and Parvati went to Tulsi so they will solve the problem.

Tulsi asks Shankchur to wake up and cries. She sees Narayan’s devotees going to pray. She recalls that how she used to pray. She chants om namah narayana. She says that she prayed every day but she can’t do that anymore. She asks Narayan that what she should do now and cries. Shukracharya and Diti sees all this. Shiv comes there and asks Tulsi that whether she can trust him. Tulsi greets him. Shiv tells her that he can solve her problem. He asks her to revoke her curse. She gets shocked hearing this. He tells her that she was angry and pain that time. He says that now Tulsi can understand the loss of Narayan’s absence.

Diti asks Tulsi to not trust Shiv. Shiv tells Tulsi that she will get justice for sure. Diti thinks that she has to stop Tulsi. She tells Tulsi that they will imprison Narayan and take Narayan to Asur lok. She says that this is the right thing to do. Tulsi gets shocked hearing this. Diti orders Asurs to imprison Narayan. Goddess Lakshmi gets worried. Parvati asks Goddess Lakshmi to not worry because Shiv will handle the matter.

Shiv tells Tulsi that he stands for truth always. Tulsi recalls Shankchur, Diti and Shiv’s words. She tells Asurs to stop. Shukracharya and Diti gets shocked hearing this. Tulsi tells Shiv that she never wanted Shankchur to fight with the latter. Shiv tells her that he know that. He asks her to revoke her curse for universe sake. Tulsi looks at Shankchur’s dead body. Diti reminds Tulsi that Narayan broke the latter’s pativrata shakti. She says that Narayan is responsible for Shankchur’s death.

Shiv tells Tulsi that Narayan has many devotees like her. He says that this universe can’t run without Narayan. He asks her that whether she want become the reason for this universe destruction. Diti tells Tulsi that this universe did nothing for Asurs. She asks Tulsi to not revoke her curse.

Episode ends.

Precap – Tulsi revoke her curse. Shiv says that Tulsi will be remembered for purity.

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