Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 17th November 2023 Written Update: Tarakasur kidnaps Shiv’s guests

Shiv Shakti 17th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mainavati smiles seeing Shiv’s beautiful avatar. She gets the aarti plate and she welcome Shiv happily. Tarakasur sees this and smriks. She recalls that how she told Parvati that she won’t let her marry Shiv no matter what. She tells Shiv that she did something good in her previous birth that’s why she got him as son in law. Parvati’s friends teases Parvati and Shiv. Parvati goes inside. She and Shiv looks at each other ( Title song plays in the background ).


On the other hand, Shankhchur stops Rishis and public from entering Himavan’s palace. He shows Tarakasur to them. Tarakasur become big and he uses his power to tie them. Rishis says that now only Shiv can save them. Tarakasur taunts them. He says that even Shiv can’t save them. They screams for help. And they calls Shiv. Tarakasur says that Shiv has to bend in front of him and laughs.

Meanwhile, Parvati’s friend tells Parvati to perform the ritual too instead of just staring Shiv. She says that this is Parvati’s last chance. Parvati throws flower on Shiv. Shiv catch the flower. He recalls that how Sati performed this ritual. Parvati gets shy seeing this.

Himavan tells Shiv to come inside. Parvati’s friend tells Shiv that they want nek. She says that they are like Parvati’s sisters so they are saalis of Shiv. She adds that Shiv can go inside after giving nek only. Narad tells Shiv that the latter can’t deny them. Shiv asks them that what they wants from him. They gets confused that what they should ask from Shiv. Nandi comes there and tells Shiv that Tarakasur kidnapped Rishis and public.

Diti comes there and asks them that why there is so much silence in the marriage place. She says that it’s marriage venue but looks like death venue. She adds that Tarakasur is responsible for this atmosphere. She asks Shiv that will he fulfill his responsibility or will he marry Parvati. She tells him to leave without marrying Parvati. Shiv gets angry hearing her. Diti gets scared seeing this. Shiv tells Diti that his responsibility is everything for him and his responsibility is his priority. He tells Parvati’s parents that he has to go now. He says that he will marry Parvati for sure if he returned then. Mainavati gets shocked hearing this. Parvati gets worried hearing this. Diti gets happy hearing this.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Mainavati asks Shiv to stop it. She says that it will be abshagun if Shiv returned then. Parvati says that war may happen for long time. She adds that they will wait for Shiv until he returns. She tells Shiv to go and fulfill his responsibility. Later, Shiv goes to Tarakasur and he asks Tarakasur to stop it.

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