Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 18th February 2024 Written Update: Parvati asks Shiv to help Kartikeya

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 18th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shiv asks Kartikeya that did not the latter should have helped Devraj Indra to fight. Kartikeya asks Shiv that whether the latter is saying he did not fulfill his responsibility. Shiv asks Kartikeya to keep the ego aside and talk to him like friend. Kartikeya calls everyone there. Everyone comes there. Kartikeya says that he failed to fulfill his responsibility as Commander of Indralok so he is resigning his position. He gives his throne of Commander to Devraj Indra. Devraj Indra tells Kartikeya he forgot what happened between them so the latter need not to return the throne. Kartikeya refuses to change his decision. Shiv tells Devraj Indra to accept the throne of Commander. He says that Kartikeya failed to fulfill his responsibility as Commander. Kartikeya says that he won’t accept any other throne of Indralok except King of Indralok.

On the other hand, Goddess Lakshmi sees Tulsi plant and Shaligram stone. Narayan comes there and tells her that he know she is angry at him. He says that he never wanted anyone to come in between him and Goddess Lakshmi. He adds that he lost his responsibility as husband while fulfilling his responsibility as Deva. Goddess Lakshmi tells Narayan that she know very well about his position and she understands his responsibility too.

Narad smiles seeing them. He greets them and tells them that he can see true love between them. He says that Lakshmi Narayan’s jodi is will be remembered for true love and respect after Shiv and Parvati’s jodi.

Parvati asks Shiv that what he said to Kartikeya. She tells him that she is tensed. She says that she want to fulfill her son’s wishes and Kartikeya just has one wish. She asks him that whether Kartikeya’s identity will be remembered as just their son only. She says that everyone will be remembered Kartikeya for killing Tarakasur only.

Shiv tells her that he never said Kartikeya will be remembered for their son only. She tells him that she can see the future. He promises on her that he will make Kartikeya understand the important of position and responsibility. He says that he will convince Kartikeya to accept the throne of Commander. She tells him that she want Kartikeya to become King of Indralok. He tells her that that’s not possible. She tells him that he can do anything if he wanted to do it then.

Meanwhile, Rambh tells Diti that don’t know where that lady went. Diti tells him that they can’t waste Brahmadev’s boon so they have to find that lady. That devotee prays to Shiv. Parvati tells Shiv that Rambh and Diti are going towards his devotee.

Episode ends.

Precap – Devraj taunts Rambh for marrying Cow. Rambh is in shock. Shiv tells Devraj Indra that it’s wrong to make fun of someone’s love so the latter will get punishment for sure.

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