Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 18th November 2023 Written Update: Shiv refuses for war

Shiv Shakti 18th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shiv tells Parvati’s parents that he will marry Parvati if he returned then. Mainavati asks Shiv to not go. She says that if Shiv went now then that will be abshagun. She adds that war may happen for many years. Parvati tells Mainavati that if Shiv did not fulfill his responsibility then that will be abshagun. She says that they will wait for Shiv until he returns. Diti gets shocked hearing this. Parvati tells Shiv to go and fulfill his responsibility. Shiv leaves from there.


Meanwhile, Public learns that Tarakasur kidnapped the guests and Shiv went to save them without marrying Parvati. They wonders when marriage will happen. Himavan tells Narayan that war may happen for many years. Mainavati says that she is also worried about that only. She adds that everything is ready for marriage. She asks Narayan to do something. Narayan tells her that he will freeze the time. Diti gets shocked hearing this. Narayan gets water from Brahma. He says that everyone will freeze except Shiv, Tarakasur and the guests whom kidnapped by Tarakasur. He splashes the water. Parvati smiles at Narayan.

On the other hand, Tarakasur notices this and he understands that Narayan freezed the time. He screams that Narayan can’t win this time no matter what. Guests screams for help. Tarakasur tells guests that they should scream more loudly so Shiv could hear them. Shiv comes there and tells Tarakasur to stop it. Guests gets relieved seeing Shiv. They chants har har mahadev. Shiv tells Tarakasur to release the guests. Tarakasur tells him that the latter has to accept few conditions for their release. He says that Shiv waited a lot after Sati’s death. He adds that he forced the latter to come there.

Shiv tells Tarakasur to not be like this. He says that Tarakasur also can get punishment. Tarakasur asks him to calm down. He says that in anger Shiv can’t take the right decision. And says that if he died then Shiv can’t release the guests never. He tells him that only war is the solution. He adds that he may not win against Shiv but he can fight for many years.

Shiv tells him that he did not come for war, but to give freedom to his guests. Tarakasur says that he will force Shiv for war. He hurts the guests. Guests screams for help. They struggles to breathe. They requests Shiv to save them. Tarakasur makes fun of their scream and laughs. He tells Shiv to do war. He asks him to not waste time because his poisonous gas will kill his guests.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shiv tells Tarakasur that war should be the last option. He asks him that what the latter wants instead of war. Tarakasur asks him to promise that the latter won’t have a son.

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