Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 19th February 2024 Written Update: Rambh gets married to Shyamala

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 19th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Diti and Rambh finds Shyamala. Diti tells Shyamala to marry Rambh. Shyamala tells them that she can’t get married and there is a reason for that. She tries to say something but Diti closes Shyamala’s mouth with cloth. She says that Rambh will become king of Asurs after getting married to Shyamala.

Shiv and Parvati sees all this. Parvati asks Shiv that why he is silent when he can’t tolerate disrespect against women. She tells him to stop them else give her permission to stop them. He remains silent. She tries to move from there but he holds her hand. He tells her that he is not stopping them because Shyamala is destined to go with Rambh and Diti at this time. He says that Kartikeya becoming king of Indralok is against destiny. He asks her to not say again that he can do anything. She gets shocked hearing this. She recalls the how Shyamala said she can’t get married for a reason. She wonders what could be Shyamala’s reason.

Rambh tells Shyamala that he will keep her happy always. Diti tells them that their son will be most powerful. They reaches Asur lok. Diti gathers everyone. Shukracharya asks Diti about Shymala. Diti tells him that Shyamala will become Rambh’s wife and Rambh will become king of Asurs. She asks them to prepare Rambh and Shymala’s marriage.

Parvati chants Om Namah Shivaya in front of Shivling. Shiv smiles after hearing this and goes to her. She does puja. She notices Shiv and she smiles at him. Shiv also smiles at her and he makes flowers fall on her. She smiles in happiness ( Title song plays in the background ). He tells her that they should go to Kailash and Kartikeya will be alone. She nods at him. He holds her hand and they leaves from there.

Shumbh tells Nishumbh that they promised to Namushi that they will never fight, but to take revenge for Namushi’s death they will break the promise. Shumbh tells Devraj Indra that he will take revenge for sure. Nishumbh says that even Shiv can’t save Devraj Indra. Shumbh says that Shiv can’t do anything for sure.

In the Indralok, Chandra dev says that it will be dangerous for Devas if Rambh had son then. Narad comes there and tells them that there is a solution. He reveals that Shyamala is cursed woman.

Rambh marries Shyamala forcefully.
Shyamala reveals that she is cursed woman. Diti asks what kind of curse. Shyamala tells them that she will become Buffalo after getting married. They gets shocked hearing this. Shyamala screams in pain. She says that she did not wanted to get married because of this and she turns into Buffalo. Everyone gets shocked seeing this.

Parvati asks Kartikeya to eat halwa. Kartikeya says that he don’t eat halwa. She tells him how much he ate halwa. Shiv tells Kartikeya that Parvati is Adi Shakti and she remembers everything. He says that men gets tasty food if there is a child in the house. Kartikeya asks Parvati to make halwa. He says that today they will eat halwa together. Devas comes to Asur lok and makes fun of Rambh.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Devraj Indra insults Rambh. Shiv decides to punish Devraj Indra. Narad asks Parvati to stop Shiv. But Parvati refuses.

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