Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 19th November 2023 Written Update: Shiv refuses to fulfill Tarakasur’s wish

Shiv Shakti 19th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Tarakasur tells Shiv to not waste time and do war. Guests asks Shiv to save them. Shiv tells Tarakasur that war should be the last option for any problem. He asks him that what the latter wants instead of war. Tarakasur laughs and says that he know Shiv won’t agree for war. He asks Shiv to promise that the latter won’t have any son. Shiv tells him that he can’t give that promise. Tarakasur tauntingly tells Shiv to go and marry Parvati without guests. Devas and Goddesses gets shocked hearing this.


Shiv says that Tarakasur is not leaving injustice path and the latter is moving towards his end because of his actions. And he says that his priority is fulfilling his responsibility. He tells Tarakasur that he can give promise that Tarakasur will be alive until Tarakasur’s sons will be alive. He adds that Tarakasur will have 3 sons and they will be capable to defeat his son. And Tarakasur’s sons will protect Tarakasur. Tarakasur smiles hearing this. Devas and Goddesses gets shocked hearing this.

Shiv tells Tarakasur that the latter don’t need any protection if the latter choosed justice path then. He advices Tarakasur to be like his father. Tarakasur says that Shiv is mahaan that’s why he gave 3 powerful sons instead of killing him. And he accepts that Shiv is really mahadev like others claims. He bends in front of Shiv and says that Shiv’s promise is still incomplete. Shiv and others gets confused hearing this. Shankhchur laughs hearing this. Guests gets worried hearing this.

Tarakasur asks Shiv to fulfill one more wish and he will release the guests. Shiv asks Tarakasur that what the latter wants. Tarakasur tells him that he want shivastav. Everyone gets shocked hearing this. Tarakasur says that universe is everything for Shiv and so will Shiv give that to him.

Shiv recalls that how Parvati was cursed that she won’t get pregnant. Tarakasur says that this is Shiv’s test. Shiv remains silent. Tarakasur says that Shiv is also selfish. He tells Shiv that he will tell everyone that Shiv is selfish. He tauntingly says that Shiv did not sacrifice anything and fooling everyone. He says that guests will be in his custody forever.

Shiv tells Tarakasur that he will fulfill the latter’s this wish also. He advises Tarakasur to use these promises in right way. He tells Tarakasur to remember that he can sacrifice anything to fulfill his responsibility.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Shiv and Parvati reaches the marriage mandap. Snake get off from Shiv’s neck. One of the lady says that this is abshagun. Parvati opposes her. She says that she will complete Shiv. They takes pheres.

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