Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 1st June Written Update: Mata Parvati names her second son

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 1st June Written Update on

Episode begins with Mata Parvati smiles seeing her son. She asks her son to hug her. Her son calls her as maa and hugs her. She places a kiss on her son forehead. She cries. Her son wipes her tears. He asks her that why she is crying. She tells him that she is happy because he called her as maa. He calls her as maa again ( Ganpati bappa morya song plays in the background ). She hugs him. She tells him that he has no idea that how much she is happy seeing him. She says that his name is Uma Nandan. He tells her that she is really smart because his name is beautiful. She hugs him. She says that she forgot that his sister is waiting to see him. She asks Ashok sundari come and meet her brother.

Ashok sundari gets happy hearing this and she runs to Mata Parvati. She sees her brother and smiles. Uma Nandan also smiles at Ashok sundari. Mata Parvati introduces Ashok sundari and Uma nandan to each other. Uma nandan goes to Ashok sundari and greets her. Ashok sundari hugs him. And she places a kiss on his forehead. She plays with his cheeks and laughs. Uma nandan says that first Mata Parvati played with his cheeks and now Ashok sundari is playing with his cheeks. Ashok sundari and Mata Parvati laughs hearing this.

Ashok sundari tells Uma nandan that their brother Kartikeya will play with Uma nandan’s cheeks too. Uma nandan asks where is his father. Mata Parvati tells him that she will take him to his father after taking bath. Ashok sundari says that she will bring Kartikeya. She recalls that how she misunderstood Mata Parvati. She hugs her mother and cries. She apologizes to her mother for scolding in anger. She says that Shiv Shakti belongs to their children too along with universe. She adds that she will make Kartikeya understand this and says she will bring Kartikeya.

Uma nandan says that he is hungry. Ashok sundari tries to pull his cheeks but he holds his cheeks. She tells him that she will bring food for him. He asks her to bring Kartikeya and food as soon as possible. Ashok sundari leaves from there.

Uma nandan tells Mata Parvati that he will get bored. Mata Parvati asks Uma nandan to become security guard. She explains security guard job to him. Uma nandan tells her that he won’t let anyone enter until she comes out taking bath. She goes inside.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Uma nandan tells Lord Shiv that the latter can’t go inside. Lord Shiv tells Uma nandan that he can understand the latter is doing security guard job but he also has few responsibilities to fulfill. Uma nandan stops Lord Shiv.

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