Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 21st February 2024 Written Update: Devraj Indra apologizes to Shiv and Parvati

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 21st February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Devraj Indra says that Shiv is Asur like Rambh. He orders Devas to attack Shiv. Devas tries to attack Shiv but fails. Devraj Indra tells Shiv that the latter choosed his death by joining hands with Rambh. He tries to attack Shiv but Parvati comes there in old form. Parvati warns Devraj Indra to drop his weapon. Devraj Indra threatens to kill Shiv and Parvati. Parvati tells Devraj Indra to take his weapon from her grip first. Devraj Indra laughs and he tries to take his weapon but fails.

Narayan says that Devraj Indra failed to recognize Shiv and Parvati in his arrogance. Narayan and Goddess Lakshmi goes to Devraj Indra. He tells Devraj Indra that the latter failed to recognize who is standing in front of him in his arrogance. Narad tells Devraj Indra to leave his arrogance and recognize them. Devraj Indra realises that Shiv and Parvati are standing in front of him. He apologizes to Shiv and Parvati for failing to recognize them. He asks Shiv that what is the reason behind the latter’s leela.

Shiv says that he came to protect Rambh and Shyamala’s love. Parvati says that she will come in the form which Shiv comes. She adds that form don’t matter in love. Shiv says that they should respect everyone’s love. He announces that the people who taunts the cursed people will become victim of curse. He orders Devraj Indra to collect his fruits. Devraj Indra and other Devas collects fruits from the floor. Devraj Indra apologizes to Shiv and Parvati again. Shiv and Parvati transforms into their original form.

Shiv tells Devraj Indra to apologize Rambh and Shyamala. Devraj Indra tells Shiv that Asurs attacks Devas always. He says that Brhamadev gave boon to Rambh that’s why he did all this. Shiv asks Devraj Indra that how can the latter punish Rambh and Shyamala for the thing which did not happen yet. He says that Rambh and Shyamala’s son will face the consequences of his actions. He tells Devraj Indra that the latter already committed a sin by throwing Rambh and Shyamala out of Asur lok. He says that Devraj Indra can’t commit another sin by killing Rambh and Shyamala.

Parvati tells Devas to kill the fear inside them first. She reminds Devraj Indra that he tried to kill Diti’s child in the past. Shiv tells Devas that they will get punishment for trying to kill Rambh and Shyamala. He orders Devas to build house for Rambh and Shyamala as punishment. Parvati says that even Devas are servant in front of true love. Shiv says that this is justice. Rambh chants har har mahadev. Devas also chants har har mahadev. Narayan tells Devas to go with Rambh and Shyamala. Rambh and Shyamala greets Shiv and Parvati and leaves from there.

Devraj Indra thinks that injustice happened with him. He decides to take revenge for his insult one day. Narayan tells Shiv that Devraj Indra is wrong again. Later, Devas builds a house for Rambh and Shyamala. In the Kailash, Parvati eats the fruits which Shiv brought. She tells Shiv that he must love her so much because he cares about everyone. Shiv makes flower petals falls on her. She smiles in happiness.

Episode ends.

Precap – Parvati tells Shiv that she will be with him always. Shumbh plans to create rift between Shiv and Parvati.

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