Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 25th February 2024 Written Update: Parvati forget Shiv

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 25th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ganga asks Apasmara that who is he and what he did with Parvati. Apasmara tells her that he snatched Parvati’s memories and marriage ornaments. And he laughs. He mockingly tells Ganga to take care of Parvati and tries to leave from there. Ganga stops him and orders him to return Parvati’s memories. He tells her that he is not scared of anyone and not even Tridev. He threatens to snatch Ganga’s memories too. She tries to attack him but fails. Parvati asks Ganga to not fight and runs from there.

Ganga tries to attack Apasmara again. Brhamadev and Narayan comes there. Brhamadev tells Ganga that she should not attack Apasmara. Apasmara says that universe will get affected if he got attacked then and leaves from there.

Narayan tells Ganga that Apasmara can snatch anyone’s memories except Tridev. Ganga asks what will happen to Parvati and will Parvati ever get her memories back.

Parvati wonders who was Ganga and why Ganga fought. Shiv comes there. Parvati gets angry seeing him and takes weapon to attack him. He gets shocked seeing this. She asks him that who is he and why he is roaming with snake. He tells her that he is part of her and he is her Shiv. She asks him that whether he is making fun of her. She says that Shiv is no one for her. He tells her that he is her husband. She tells him that he is lying.

Ganga says that she don’t care about consequences because she can’t leave the person who snatched Parvati’s memories. Narayan asks her to calm down and enter Brhamadev’s pot. She says that she won’t stop until she kills Apasmara. Brhamadev tells her that she should not kill and he locks her. She asks Brahmadev to not do this. Narayan tells Ganga that she has to enter Brahmadev’s pot. Brhamadev makes sure that Ganga enters his pot.

Apasmara tells himself that Adi Shakti’s chapter is over. He enters Asur lok and says that he snatched Parvati’s memories. Shumbh tells Apasmara that the latter did right by snatching Parvati’s marriage ornaments too. He says that first Shiv lost Sati and now Parvati. He laughs.

Parvati tells Shiv to move from her path and she leaves from there. Shiv tells her to stop it because he think he can help her. She tells him that she don’t need his help. He wonders how he is going to prove Parvati is his wife. He follows her and asks her to stop it. She tells him that she wants to find her identity than wasting her time on him. He tells her that he also want her to meet her family. He asks her to trust him. She tells him that she is scared of him and she can’t trust him. He tells her that he don’t have enemy and he is not enemy of anyone. She requests him to not interfere in her matters.

Episode ends.

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