Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 4th June Written Update: Lord Narayan fails to convince Uma nandan

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 4th June Written Update on

Episode begins with Lord Shiv gets angry after learning that Uma nandan is beating Nandi and others. Nandi tells Uma nandan that Lord Shiv is angry because of the latter. He says that Uma nandan has to apologize to Lord Shiv else the latter has to face Lord Shiv’s wrath. Uma nandan says that he has to defeat Nandi first and then he will think about anything else. He warns Nandi to not call him as fool.

One of the Kailash person tells Lord Shiv that Uma nandan is really strong kid. Lord Shiv says that Uma nandan will be punished for his mistake. He is about to leave from there but Lord Narayan stops the former. Lord Narayan says that Uma nandan is kid. Lord Shiv tells Lord Narayan to make Uma nandan understand. Goddess Saraswati asks Lord Shiv to calm down. She says that she will talk to Mata Parvati. Lord Shiv asks himself why Mata Parvati made Uma nandan as gatekeeper.

Meanwhile, Mata Parvati gets ready after taking bath. Uma nandan laughs at Nandi and others. Kailash person says that he is not understanding from where Uma nandan came.

On the other hand, Ashok sundari tells Kartikeya that Uma nandan is really cute. She recalls that how Uma nandan asked her to bring fruits for him and she tells about it to Kartikeya. Kartikeya says that they will get fruits for Uma nandan. He adds that he know where they will get sweet fruits.

Uma nandan tells Nandi to go and send Lord Shiv. He says that he will fight against Lord Shiv. Nandi says that he is devotee of Lord Shiv and he won’t leave from there until Uma nandan apologize to Lord Shiv. Uma nandan says that he won’t apologize without doing any mistake.

Devas and Goddesses comes there with Narad. Narad gets worried seeing Nandi and others condition. Uma nandan asks them that who are they. He says that he did nothing wrong and he was just doing his duty of gatekeeper. Goddess Saraswati tells Uma nandan that he is sweet. She says that she is woman and also Mata Parvati’s friend so she will go inside and talk to Mata Parvati. Uma nandan tells her that she can’t go inside without permission. He asks her to wait. He tells them that he is not understanding why they can’t wait.

Lord Narayan tells Uma nandan that the latter should not be adamant. He asks about Uma nandan’s parents. Uma nandan says that Lord Narayan don’t have rights to talk about his parents. Brahmadev says that Uma nandan is wrong. Uma nandan says that everyone is unfair. He tells everyone to leave from there. Nandi sends Kailash people from there. Uma nandan asks Narad to understand that he is just doing his duty.

Lord Shiv gets angry seeing injured Kailash people. He asks Lord Narayan to bring Uma nandan to Kailash. Everyone hears this including Uma nandan. Lord Narayan tells Uma nandan to apologize to everyone. Uma nandan says that he won’t go anywhere and he won’t apologize to anyone. Lord Shiv says that it’s time for punishment.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Lord Shiv behead Uma nandan. Mata Parvati gets angry at Lord Shiv.

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