Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 5th June Written Update: Uma nandan insults Lord Narayan

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 5th June Written Update on

Episode begins with Uma nandan asks Lord Narayan to fight against him and arrest him because he won’t go anywhere. Lord Shiv gets angry hearing this and says that it’s time for punishment.

Lord Narayan tells Uma nandan that the latter has crossed all the limits. He says that it’s time to punish. He decides to punish Uma nandan with his chakra. Everyone gets shocked seeing this except Uma nandan. Uma nandan glares at Lord Narayan ( Jai Ganesha song plays in the background ). He says that he will defeat Lord Narayan too. Lord Narayan warns Uma nandan to not force him for battle. Uma nandan says that seems like Lord Narayan got scared. He adds that he is ready to fight against Lord Narayan and he won’t back off from his duty. Lord Shiv gets angry hearing this.

Meanwhile, Mata Parvati gets ready. She asks universe to calm down because she is going to introduce Uma nandan to Lord Shiv.

Lord Narayan says that he don’t want to use his power against a kid. Uma nandan calls Lord Narayan as coward. Lord Shiv comes there and scolds Uma nandan. Uma nandan asks Lord Shiv that whether the latter will fight this time. He tauntingly asks whether Lord Shiv will give lecture like others. He says that he won’t leave his duty.

Lord Shiv asks Uma nandan to keep quiet. He says that no one used power against Uma nandan because Uma nandan is kid but Uma nandan insulted everyone. Uma nandan says that he is just doing his duty. He adds that Lord Shiv tried to go inside without permission so he stopped the latter. Lord Shiv says that one should not cross the limit while doing duty. Uma nandan says that he will do his duty no matter what. He tells Lord Shiv that he is not scared of the latter. Lord Shiv tells Lord Narayan that Uma nandan is just arrogant kid that’s why Uma nandan did not listen anyone. He warns Uma nandan to apologize to escape from punishment.

Uma nandan says that he don’t want forgiveness. He asks everyone to leave from there. Lord Shiv says that he will give three chance to Uma nandan to save his life. He asks Uma nandan that whether the latter will apologize to Kailash people. Uma nandan refuses. Lord Shiv orders Uma nandan to leave arrogance and apologize. Uma nandan says that his decision won’t change no matter what. He asks Lord Shiv to leave from there if the latter’s questioning is over then. Lord Shiv says that it’s Uma nandan’s last chance. Uma nandan says that he won’t apologize. Lord Shiv tells Uma nandan to get ready for punishment.

Episode ends.

Precap – Lord Shiv behead Uma nandan. Mata Parvati tells Lord Shiv that Uma nandan is their son.

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