Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 7th June Written Update: Mata Parvati turns against Lord Shiv

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 7th June Written Update on

Episode begins with Mata Parvati tells Lord Shiv that she will make sure her son returns alive. Lord Shiv tells Mata Parvati that he can’t change the destiny. She tells him that he can’t go anywhere after killing her son. She says that till now they were with each other but she is against Lord Shiv today. She reveals that she will destroy the universe if she don’t get her son alive then. She takes maa kali avatar ( Maa kali song plays in the background ). Everyone gets shocked seeing this.

Mata Parvati says that she will destroy the universe. She asks Lord Shiv to change Uma nandan’s destiny if he want to save the universe then. She starts destroying the universe. People suffers. Lord Shiv gets shocked seeing this. Devas and Goddesses gets worried seeing this. Ashok sundari tells Lord Shiv that to return Uma nandan to Mata Parvati. She says that universe will be vanished in Mata Parvati’s anger. She pleads him to return her brother to her and cries.

Mata Parvati says that she won’t spare anyone. She attacks Kailash too. Lord Narayan asks Lord Shiv to do something. Mata Parvati tells Lord Narayan that Lord Shiv can’t do anything. She says that she won’t stop until she gets her son. Goddess Saraswati asks Mata Parvati to not say like that. Mata Parvati continues her attack. Goddess Lakshmi asks Lord Shiv to make Uma nandan alive to save the universe. Narad asks Lord Shiv to return Mata Parvati’s son to her. Nandi requests Lord Shiv to return Uma nandan to Mata Parvati.

People screams Lord Shiv for help. Goddess Saraswati asks Lord Shiv to save the universe. Lord Shiv moves towards Mata Parvati. Mata Parvati tells him that he can’t convince her no matter what. She says that she want her son alive. She asks him to not force her to choose between mother and wife. He moves towards her. She takes her arrow and asks him to stop. He holds her hand ( Title song plays in the background ). She calm down little bit. He tells her that he understands her pain as father and husband. He says that he has to make everything fine as Mahadev. And says that he will make Uma nandan alive for universe sake. Mata Parvati and Ashok sundari gets happy hearing this. Devas and Goddesses smiles hearing this.

Lord Shiv makes the universe fine using his power. People chants har har mahadev. Lord Shiv takes the arrow from Mata Parvati. He tells her that there is one problem and she has to accept it. He says that Uma nandan will return alive but he won’t be like before.

Episode ends.

Precap – Lord Shiv asks Lord Narayan to bring the head of the creature whom the latter finds first. He says that he will use that head for Uma nandan. Lord Narayan brings an elephant.

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