Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 8th June Written Update: Lord Shiv convinces Mata Parvati

Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyaag Tandav 8th June Written Update on

Episode begins with Lord Shiv tells Mata Parvati that their son will return alive but he won’t be like before. Mata Parvati gets confused hearing this. Lord Shiv asks Lord Narayan to bring the head of the creature whom the latter finds first. He says that he will fix that head in Uma nandan’s body. Mata Parvati recalls the moments she spent with Uma nandan. She asks Lord Shiv to not do that.

Ashok sundari asks Lord Shiv to fix Uma nandan’s head on Uma nandan’s body. Lord Shiv tells Ashok sundari that that’s not possible. He asks Mata Parvati to understand. Mata Parvati tells him that this is unfair. He tells her that this is the only solution he has. And he requests her to let this happen. Mata Parvati requests him to return her son to her with his own head. Lord Shiv asks her that who will understand him if she won’t understand him then.

Kartikeya calls Mata Parvati as maa. He tells her that Lord Shiv always did wrong with him and today he lost his younger brother because of Lord Shiv. Lord Shiv tries to say something. Kartikeya interferes and says that Lord Shiv must have reason for this also. He asks Lord Shiv that whether the latter is doing all this because of his arrogance. Then he asks Lord Shiv that what about the creature whose head Lord Narayan will bring.

Ashok sundari says that she also wants to know the answer of second question. Lord Shiv says that he is doing all this to convince Mata Parvati. Kartikeya tauntingly says that he knew it. Ashok sundari tells Kartikeya that let Lord Shiv and Mata Parvati do whatever they want to do. She says that she don’t want to lose Uma nandan.

Lord Shiv asks Mata Parvati to think as mother of the universe. He says that it’s impossible to fix Uma nandan’s head to Uma nandan’s body. He asks her to do if she can then, but she know that’s impossible. He tells her that he gave pain to everyone because of the decision he took in anger. He says that he hope Mata Parvati won’t take decision by getting influenced by her emotions. Kartikeya gets angry and leaves from there.

Mata Parvati returns to her normal avatar. Lord Shiv asks Mata Parvati that whether she know any solution. Mata Parvati shook her head. She says that she just want her son alive. Lord Shiv asks Lord Narayan to bring the head. Lord Narayan nods at Lord Shiv and leaves from there. Mata Parvati cries by sitting beside Uma nandan’s body.

Episode ends.

Precap – Lord Narayan beheads elephant head. Elephant turns into human and tells thanks to Lord Narayan for relieving him from the curse. Lord Narayan gives an elephant head to Lord Shiv. Lord Shiv fixes elephant head on Uma nandan’s body.

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